Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Metal Universe Football

 photo 97musrulk_zpsec96dd34.jpg

The Metal Universe brand of cards from the 90’s created some of the most sought after parallels and inserts the hobby has ever seen.  Especially when you look at basketball.  Many of those rare cards can easily sell into the thousands.  Basketball wasn’t the only sport Metal Universe was limited to though.  It does have it’s share of baseball and football sets as well.  Although they never met the demand basketball did due to its large international appeal.

Outside of the basketball sets, my personal favorite Metal Universe product would have to be 1997 Metal Universe Football.  Like most Metal Universe products, its a total acid trip.  The cards are covered in foil from head-to-toe.  Player photographs feature crazy sci-fi backgrounds with colorful designs.  The entire set contains 201 cards if you count the Terrell Davis sample that was sent out to distributors.  Those low-numbered Precisous Metal Gems parallels command the most money even today.

Check out some of these recent auctions:

Aside from the PMG parallels, I enjoy the 20-card Marvel Metal Universe insert set.  This small insert set matches up players with a Marvel character.  They fall 1:6 packs, but aren’t all that difficult to find.  Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Incredible Hulk make up this set.

Autographs are not that easy to find as they come 1:500 packs.  Key rookies include Jake Plummer, Corey Dillon, Tony Gonzalez, Tiki Barber, Warrick Dunn, and John Kitna.

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