Leaf Unveils 4-Card VIP Set For The 35th National

Got some more National news to share.  VIPs attending the 35th National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland will be welcomed with a 4-card set thanks to Leaf.  The set includes Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, Damian Lillard and Victor Oladipo.  VIPs will find a coupon in their kits which can be redeemed for this 4-card set at the Leaf booth.

Leaf will also have a redemption program at their Corporate Booth at the National.  Six cards in a similar format will be available through the redemption.  Details will be available at the Leaf Corporate Booth.  Finally, in addition to the card set, Leaf will have a redemption program which will award consumers gift cards to be used at Leaf’s 5,000 square foot Corporate Booth on the show floor.

 photo 10455966_10152223424616977_3334913648070173915_n_zpse197e658.jpg

 photo 10300973_10152223425206977_1423983492543318939_n_zpsa88a02f1.jpg

 photo 10338710_10152223424831977_8028587160050093857_n_zps88d6bf2b.jpg

 photo 10155702_10152223424981977_1880201852386359078_n_zps921cf74f.jpg

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  1. […] addition to their 4-card VIP set, Leaf has a lot going on at their 5,000 sq/ft Corporate Booth this year during the 2014 National […]

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