Panini Exposes Their VIP Set For 2014 National Attendees

If your a VIP attending the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland this year, be sure to check your bags for a coupon from Panini.  This coupon can be redeemed at the Panini Corporate booth for a 6-card set.  As you can see below, the set includes Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Jose Abreu, Masahiro Tanaka, Andrew Wiggins, and Dante Exum.

 photo panini-america-2014-national-vip-11_zpsff547370.jpg

 photo panini-america-2014-national-vip-2_zpsb2cb65cb.jpg

 photo panini-america-2014-national-vip-3_zps21207121.jpg

 photo panini-america-2014-national-rookies-1_zps8c7d48ab.jpg

 photo panini-america-2014-national-vip-6_zps1d31061d.jpg

 photo panini-america-2014-national-vip-5_zps207b8f87.jpg

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