Gwynn’s Leaf Q Cards Were NEVER Signed

 photo tonyleafq_zps739cec58.jpg

Not much is known about one of Leaf’s upcoming products called Leaf Q.  Leaf had a bunch of Leaf Q cards on display at their booth during the National.  From the looks of it, the product has that high-end autograph feel.  Almost like Five Star or Exquisite.  I should have taken some pictures because Leaf had a lot of cool stuff under glass.  Those damn Bench Warmer girls distracted me again.

Collectors actually got their first look at Leaf Q shortly after the death of Tony Gwynn.  Leaf originally planned to include him in packs of Leaf Q, but Gwynn passed away before they could get him to sign the cards.  Instead of placing the unsigned cards within the product, Leaf decided to cash in and put them up for sale on eBay.  Where the signature was planned to be, Leaf simply stamped the years he was alive.

I don’t have a problem with Leaf cashing in on Gwynn’s death.  Manufacturers do it all the time.  I don’t know how much cashing in they actually did because Leaf was selling these cards for quite a deal.  The problem I have is that these cards say “Authentic Signature” underneath the relic window.  Even though Leaf openly said in all their auction descriptions that Tony Gwynn passed away before they could get him to sign these cards, what stops someone from buying one and forging his signature?  Nothing.  I’m sure there are some people in this world that would fall for it too.

I would just like to reinforce that none of these Tony Gwynn Leaf Q cards were autographed.  If you see one that is signed, it is a fake.

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