2014 Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest! – NOW CLOSED

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Alright everyone.  This is the big one.  Its time for the largest and most valuable contest giveaway of the year.  For a second year in a row, Sports Card Info is participating in the Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion.  There is a lot of good stuff within this contest this year.  Be sure to read the rules carefully and good luck to all that enter.

Contest Details

In order to be eligible, you must do the following:

  • Leave a comment to this post telling me who your favorite 2014 NFL rookie is – Johnny Manziel, Sammy Watkins, Teddy Bridgewater, etc…
  • You must provide a valid e-mail address while entering.
  • You can enter once per day, but your first entry must contain who your favorite 2014 NFL rookie is.  Your entries after that can contain whatever you’d like.
  • This contest will only have one winner, and that winner will be notified by  e-mail.
  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again.
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this prize pack for FREE!!!
  • This contest will end Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

This prize pack contains the following:

  • (1) 2014 Panini Certified Football sealed hobby box
  • (9) packs of 2014 Score Football
  • (1) Teddy Bridgewater Panini Authentic Signatures Jumbo Rookie Card
  • (1) Terrance West Panini Authentic Signatures Jumbo Rookie Card
  • (1) Calvin Pryor 2014 Panini Player of the Day RC Auto
  • (1) Dominique Easley 2014 Panini Player of the Day RC Auto
  • (1) Connor Shaw 2014 Score Hot Rookie Auto
  • (1) Asa Watson 2014 Score Hot Rookie Auto
  • (1) Jimmy Garoppolo 2014 Panini Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) Jadeveon Clowney 2014 Panini Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) AJ McCarron 2014 Panini Player of the Day RC Jersey
  • (1) Luke Joeckel 2014 Panini Player of the Day base #5

 photo IMG_5286a_zps5650d050.jpg

379 Responses

  1. My pick for 2014 NFL rookie of the year is Brandin Cooks of the Saints and he should come marchin’ in.

  2. My favorite rookie so far has been Sammy Watkins. Thanks for the contest.

  3. Mike Evans (TB)

  4. Jarvis Landry is my favorite 2014 rookie.

  5. Kyle Fuller of the Bears is my favorite rookie so far this season.

  6. I am a huge Teddy Bridgewater fan! I knew from draft he was the guy I wanted to collect. I expect him to pick up his play and make a run at ROY

  7. Johnny Manziel……..GO BROWNS………

  8. Sammy Watkins.

  9. I am a huge Teddy Bridgewater fan, also.

  10. Kyle Fuller of the Bears

  11. Mike Evans

  12. Jordan Matthews is my favorite 2014 NFL Rookie! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  13. My favorite 2014 Panini Rookie is Aaron Murray…Kansas City Chiefs. Thanks for another Great Contest!

  14. Sammy Watkins – he’s going to be a beast. Thanks for the great contest.

  15. huge fan of Eric Ebron of the lions #GOLIONS

  16. Wow what a prize! Teddy Bridgewater is my pick

  17. Johnny Manziel

  18. I’m thinking I like Johnny manziel because of his big personality. So I’ll take manziel as my favorite and Odell beckem Jr is my second favorite just for fun

  19. Carlos Hyde

  20. Jordan Matthews

  21. Teddy Bridgewater

  22. Another day, another step closer to possibly winning that Teddy auto! My first!

  23. Still carlos hyde

  24. Sunday entry for this amazing contest!

  25. I would choose Kyle Fuller

  26. Sunday entry and still cookin’

  27. lets do this

  28. got to win this

  29. sunday

  30. in for my second round

  31. another great contest…..yes

  32. Sunday entry 🙂

  33. Favorite rookie is Ryan shazier

  34. Play Johnny man!

  35. In for Day #2!

  36. Second day. Thanks!

  37. my favorite rookie is Austin Seferian jenkins

  38. My favorite is Bishop Sankey,man this is one hell of a contest

  39. Sammy Watkins is consistently tearing it up.

  40. in for today thanks!

  41. Sunday entry…

  42. In for Sunday.

  43. gotta win!

  44. In for Sunday, thanks again for the contest!

  45. That is a lot of pigskin…….Wow! Monday entry

  46. Still Sammy Watkins..

  47. Also like ryan Shazier a lot

  48. Monday entry 🙂

  49. Monday entry.

  50. In for Monday. Thanks.

  51. My favorite rookie has been Jordan Matthews. Awesome contest! Thanks!

  52. monday

  53. In for Monday, thanks!!

  54. Wheeeeeeeeeeres Johnny?

  55. Entry 3 for me.

  56. 2nd entry

  57. In for Monday. Thanks.

  58. Monday entry.

  59. Monday…

  60. todays my lucky day

  61. i’m in

  62. Monday entry

  63. Monday

  64. ya

  65. Here is my Monday entry!

    Great win by Vikings and Teddy!

    Thanks for the chance!

  66. count me in for monday. thanks

  67. In for Monday. Thanks!

  68. Tuesday entry

  69. Tuesday

  70. Tuesday entry……… 🙂

  71. In for Tuesday.

  72. In again! Thanks for the chance!

  73. Tuesday entry! Man I want this win!

  74. Awesome contest! Thanks!

  75. Tuesday entry, #4 overall for me.

  76. Tuesday

  77. In for Wednesday! Thank You!!

  78. Golf battery 2/11 artillery usmc representing ! (Johnny manziel)

  79. Tuesday entry!

  80. Awesome

  81. In for Tuesday.

  82. Tuesday…

  83. in again

  84. Tuesday

  85. third entry for me

  86. In for today, thanks!

  87. Favorite rookie = Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – Go Packers! (Tuesday Entry & thanks for the great contest!)

  88. in for Wednesday..

  89. Wednesday entry.

  90. Good luck everyone

  91. Today’s entry! Thank you Panini POD and Sports Card Info. Best there is!

  92. Wednesday entry 🙂

  93. Thanks and In for Wednesday

  94. in for Wednesday

  95. wednesday

  96. wednesday

  97. another entry, thank you!

  98. Wednesday entry. Thanks again!

  99. Usmc forever! Hmmm yeah still Johnny, then Odell

  100. Usmc 4 life. Stilll Johnny, then odell

  101. Wednesday! Golden ticket I hope!

  102. Wednesday entry

  103. Thanks!

  104. In 4 Wednesday

  105. Wednesday entry.

  106. Wednesday

  107. Wednesday

  108. chicken dinner

  109. In for Wednesday Thanks!

  110. Thanks again for the contest

  111. Great response on the number of entries – My Thursday entry

  112. Thursday entry 🙂

  113. C.J Mosley. Absolute stud, future legend to replace number 52.

  114. Great prize pack. Teddy needs a new home! Mine!

  115. In for Thursday.

  116. thursday boy

  117. thursday

  118. Gooooo Johnny!

  119. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  120. Thursday, 10/30

  121. Thursday

  122. great contest

  123. let it be me that wins.

  124. thursday entry thanks

  125. Thursday entry.

  126. In for Thursday! Thank You!!

  127. POD

  128. In for Thursday thanks!

  129. Thursday FTW!

  130. Thursday

  131. Thursday entry!

  132. Friday entry

  133. Friday

  134. Friday. Thanks for the contest.

  135. In for Friday! Thank you! Happy Halloween!!

  136. Franken Friday entry..

  137. TGIF EVERYONE!!!!

  138. Happy Halloween!!!

  139. My Friday entry 🙂

  140. Another day, another entry . Thanks!

  141. Smello peeps ……..johnny

  142. halloween

  143. Friday entry.

  144. Friday entry..

  145. Friday

  146. Happy Halloween!!

  147. In for Friday!

  148. Thank you!

  149. Friday

  150. TGIF, in for friday thanks

  151. In for Friday… oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!

  152. giddy up again

  153. Saturday entry

  154. In for Saturday! Thank You!!

  155. In for Saturday.

  156. In for today! Thanks for the chance

  157. Saturday entry….. nice prizes from Panini

  158. In for today!

  159. Saturday entry

  160. Saturday, 11/1

  161. In for Saturday! Thank You!!

  162. Saturday

  163. saturday

  164. choo choo

  165. saturday

  166. Saturday entry. Thanks.

  167. Play Johnny manziel

  168. Sat entry what?

  169. Saturday!

  170. Happy November! Saturday entry, thanks!

  171. in for sat thanks

  172. Sunday entry is in!

  173. In for the second Sunday. Great contest.

  174. Great site, glad I found it! Love the cards of the day and flashback products. Thanks for the chance!

  175. Set your clocks back

  176. Sunday

  177. Funday not Sunday 🙂

  178. Sunday

  179. Thanks for the chance!

  180. In for the second Sunday.

  181. Great contest.

  182. Sunday entry

  183. in for sunday thanks

  184. Sunday entry!

  185. In for Sunday! Thank You!!

  186. movember

  187. Sunday

  188. In for Sunday, thanks!

  189. Sunday

  190. Sunday entry…

  191. On the home stretch – Monday entry

  192. Monday…

  193. IN for another day! Can’t believe this is the final week!

  194. Ryan Shazier

  195. Monday…2nd Monday entry…

  196. This is great! Thanks!

  197. Monday part Deux

  198. My Monday entry 🙂

  199. Good mourning America

  200. monday

  201. Another entry. I’ve lost count but I think this is nine.

  202. 11/3/2014

  203. Monday…2nd Monday entry…

  204. In for Monday

  205. Monday…

  206. 2nd Monday entry…

  207. another entry for me, thanks

  208. Monday again

  209. moday

  210. In for the 2nd Monday! Thank You!!

  211. In for 11/03 Thanks!

  212. Sammy Watkins!!!

  213. monday entry thanks

  214. My Tuesday entry for this one-of-a-kind contest

  215. Tuesday.

  216. 2nd Tuesday entry…

  217. Tuesday the second time

  218. In 4 Tuesday Thanks!!!!

  219. Such an awesome contest! Thanks!

  220. tues

  221. Tuesday

  222. Entry for Tuesday

  223. Tuesday, Sammy Watkins!!

  224. 2nd Tuesday entry…

  225. Tuesday…

  226. Back again today! Thanks for the chance!

  227. Tuesday #2

  228. nini

  229. In for my 2nd Tuesday! Thank You!!

  230. In for Tuesday, thanks!

  231. My Wednesday entry for this amazing draw!

  232. Wednesday

  233. wednesday again..

  234. Wednesday contest entry

  235. In for Wednesday.

  236. Wednesday the sequel.

  237. 2nd Wednesday…

  238. In for Wednesday again

  239. Thanks a lot for the contest! This is great!

  240. Wow really hope to win for me and my kids!!!

  241. Ohh rahh golf battery usmc

  242. Another day another entry.

  243. today

  244. This is great!

  245. In for Wednesday again

  246. 2nd Wednesday…

  247. today

  248. In for Wednesday

  249. 2nd Wednesday…

  250. In for my 2nd Wednesday! Thank You!!

  251. Wednesday #2

  252. Wednesday Sammy Watkins!

  253. payable on death?

  254. In for Wednesday. Thanks!

  255. Kelvin Benjamin-1st entry!

  256. Thursday entry.

  257. Thursday…

  258. Thursday

  259. 2nd Thursday…

  260. Oh my gosh! Only a couple days left! Thx for the chance! Really want that Teddy and the box of Certified!

  261. great prize pack!

  262. Thursday

  263. 1st one! Gotta say Derek Carr!!

  264. Thursday chance

  265. First come first served

  266. Another Thursday.

  267. Thursday entry and thanks

  268. In for my 2nd Thursday! Thank You!!

  269. Thursday

  270. great prize pack!

  271. 11/06/2014

  272. 2nd Thursday…

  273. Thursday

  274. In for Thursday. Thanks!

  275. Thursday #2

  276. In for Thursday!!!!!

  277. Only saw this today. goin with Brandin Cooks

  278. thursday thanks

  279. Thursday entry – thanks again!

  280. (Thursday still in my area anyway…)

  281. My Friday entry.

  282. in for Friday!

  283. In for Friday.

  284. Friday entry..thanks..

  285. Can’t believe its Friday! Only one more day left!!

    Happy Friday everyone and SCI!

  286. In for Friday 🙂

  287. 2nd Friday… 1 to go!!

  288. TGIF EVERYONE!!! 2

  289. Friday Friday.

  290. lock in the win!

  291. Friday entry, thank you!

  292. Good mourning people

  293. Friday #2

  294. In for my 2nd Friday! Thank You!!

  295. Alright friday!

  296. Rich & creamy!

  297. FridayFriday Friday.!

  298. 2nd Friday… 1 to go!!

  299. TGIF

  300. Happy Friday

  301. tgif

  302. 1st time seeing this contest! I like Allen Robinson of Jax.

  303. Happy Friday

  304. friday entry thanks

  305. In for Friday. Thanks

  306. Saturday entry!

  307. Saturday. Thanks for the contest. Good luck to all.

  308. Saturday entry 🙂 My last entry for the Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest. The contest has a lot of cool prizes to win!!!!

  309. last day!

  310. Good luck all

  311. Saturday. Thanks for the contest.

  312. Can’t believe this is my last entry!

    Thanks Panini, SCI, and good luck everyone! One sweet prize pack!

  313. final entry saturday

  314. SO HERE WE GO

  315. saturday

  316. Thanks for the contest.

  317. final entry

  318. Good luck all

  319. HERE WE GO

  320. Final day!

  321. Saturday entry and can we have a drum roll…….

  322. Last day? Thank you guys

  323. saturdays

  324. Saturday entry…

  325. In 4 Saturday!!!! Thanks Again!!!!

  326. In once again!

  327. In for my 2nd Saturday! Thank You for having the contest!

  328. Last Entry! Thanks for hosting the contest SCI!

  329. saturday entry thanks for the contest

  330. Final entry in this awesome contest.

  331. Last day here!!!

  332. […] Info is a runner-up winner in Panini’s 2014 NFL Player of the Day Hobby Blogger Promotion.  Remember that large contest held last October?  Well I guess Sports Card Info did a good job in hosting […]

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