Review: BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves

A package arrived in the mail for me yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting anything, but inside was a pack of the new BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves.  Plus I got some really cool looking BCW branded box cutters.

The people over at BCW are always looking for better ways to help protect and display your collection.  One of their newest products are these tobacco card insert sleeves.  Basically, they’re fancy sleeves for your mini tobacco-sized cards.  The sleeve itself is the size of a regular card – 2.5″ x 3.5″.  In the center of the sleeve is a spot for your tobacco-sized card to fit.  This allows you to easily store your tobacco-sized cards in standard album pages, boxes, or holders.

Mini cards like this are everywhere today.  Storing them safely where they’ll be protected and easily accessible hasn’t always been a simple thing.  Now it is!  Before you would need to use those real small penny sleeves and holders.  Or you would place the mini card in a standard sleeve/holder where it could move around.

Could your collection benefit from these new sleeves?  You can buy them here.

 photo mackbcw_zpsf8fb98b6.jpg

 photo mackbcw1_zps5c79c91f.jpg

 photo mackbcw2_zpse03f885c.jpg

2 Responses

  1. Andrew thanks for the information on a great product. Joe Z

  2. The Tobacco card sleeves are nice. but i don’t have any Tobacco cards:(

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