Flashback Product of the Week: 2001 Upper Deck Golf

 photo kiteauto_zps3cd1cbfd.jpg

Golf cards have come a long way since Upper Deck brought them back in 2001.  Who would have thought that golf collectors would have been given the Exquisite treatment last year?  It was deserved, but I didn’t think it would ever come.

I don’t think any card company could get away today with what Upper Deck did with it’s premiere edition golf set.  Boxes of 2001 Upper Deck Golf do not come with any specific amounts of game-used or autographed cards.  You could very easily open a box and only pull base cards and inserts.  That’s probably why boxes of this stuff sell for next to nothing.  Its the total opposite of the Exquisite brand.  You could say that Upper Deck was slowly making it’s way into golf cards.

Tiger Woods was the poster child for this product when it came out.  He has more cards in here than anybody.  Even though this product features the first cards for a lot of golfers, most have cards in older products.  Many cards are considered rookies simply because its the first time Upper Deck made a card of them.  When I think of a Tiger Woods rookie card, Upper Deck doesn’t even come to mind right away.  I think about his Sports Illustrated for Kids rookie first.

Relic cards and autographs are quite difficult to pull.  I believe relics fall 1:12 boxes and the autographs are even harder to find.  Despite the fall from grace Tiger Woods has had, his stuff is still in high demand.  2001 Upper Deck Golf  is the lowest form of a golf product that Upper Deck has made.

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