“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1/25/15 Pro Bowl Teammate Pin

 photo 15probowlpinteam_zpsab0a7117.jpg

I was going to use the media pin from Super Bowl XLIX for this post, but it turns out I already used it almost a year ago.  By the looks of it, the Host Committee pin that came out after last year’s Super Bowl was used as the media pin too for this year’s Super Bowl.  Looks like the NFL decided not to make a new pin for members of the media this year.  I guess they had to cut some costs.  Maybe I’m wrong, but all the media pins for Super Bowl XLIX look exactly like the Host Committee pin.  In the past they’ve been different.

Many fans consider the Pro Bowl to be a joke.  It doesn’t mean anything, unlike the All-Star game does for baseball.  But it has been around since 1939, so I guess somebody must enjoy it.  Next year the Pro Bowl returns to Hawaii and the “unconferenced” style will stay the same.  This pin was given to people that worked at the Pro Bowl this year.  I don’t believe it could be purchased at the gift shop.


They did make a special pin for members of the media this year.  It seems that some people are trying to pass off the Host Committee pin as the media one.

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