Flashback Product of the Week: 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome

 photo myers200sctc_zps4109610e.jpg

What do you get when you combine the iconic photography from Stadium Club with the refractory goodness of a Chrome product?  You get 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome.  Chrome and Stadium Club are two of the biggest brands that Topps has ever made.  It only seems natural that they would want to put the two together somehow.

Topps teased collectors with the idea when they inserted Stadium Club Chrome cards inside packs of 1999 Stadium Club.  Someone must have thought it was a good idea, because a year later Stadium Club Chrome was a full product on it’s own.  The base set consists of 250 cards, all featuring the classic photography you would normally see in a Stadium Club set.  Refractors and inserts are the meat and potatoes when it comes to this product.  It sure isn’t the autographs and relics, because there aren’t any.

There are three different types of parallels, and ten inserts to look for.  The First Day Issue Refractors (which fall 1:131 packs and are numbered to 25) and True Colors Refractors are two of the hardest cards to pull.  Depending on the player, copies of these cards can command decent prices.  Obviously cards of someone like Todd Helton, Ken Griffey Jr, or Derek Jeter will be more popular than some no name that didn’t make it.

Why this product didn’t get the attention it deserves is beyond me.  Maybe the set wasn’t big enough.  Perhaps the downfall of the Stadium Club brand forced collectors to look away.  Having zero autographs or relics could have pushed collectors away too.  I think the cards look really nice and if your a set collector you should give it a good look.  Sealed boxes can easily be found for $30.00.

Can you imagine if everyone started combining product names:

  • Topps Five Star Strata
  • Bowman Inception Chrome
  • Upper Deck SP Authentic Exquisite
  • Leaf Trinity Metal Draft
  • Panini Immaculate Elite
  • Prizm Paramount

This list could go on forever.

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