“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2014 LLWS Great Lakes Region Jersey Pin

 photo 14llwsgreatlakes_zps2345d1e7.jpg

Not even Little League can escape controversy.  Last week Little League stripped the U.S. title away from the Chicago based Jackie Robinson West team.  It sounds like they were recruiting and using players from outside their specified district.  I don’t know why Little League didn’t know this before.  You would think they would know where these players are coming from.  This was brought up months ago, and after a little investigation nothing amounted from it.  Now after another investigation, it looks like they had enough evidence to take back the title and award it to Las Vegas.  Even though Jackie Robinson West are being labeled as “cheaters”, Andrew McCutchen has an interesting point of view.  This situation is far from over, and probably will be stuck in court for awhile.  The only people winning here are the lawyers.

For at least the last six years, Little League has made limited edition jersey pin sets that represent each region.  Jackie Robinson West is part of the Great Lakes Region.  Complete sets can sell for $40.00, but single pins can be found for $9.00.

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