“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1948 Philadelphia Eagles World Championship Game Press Pin

 photo 1948nflchamppresspin_zpsukqup5dr.jpg

The Eagles have been making moves all over the place this off season.  LeSean McCoy left for Buffalo in exchange for Kiko Alonso.  This past week they picked up Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews.  I think Chip Kelly secretly just wants an Eagles team made up of all former Oregon Ducks players.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Marcus Mariota gets drafted by Philadelphia.

Known as the Philly Blizzard, the 1948 World Championship Game took place between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Cardinals.  It snowed a lot.  The game was scoreless until the fourth quarter when Chicago fumbled and Philadelphia recovered.  Steve Van Buren ran it in for a touchdown and the Eagles won 7-0.

Merchandise from this game has a huge demand.  Its very difficult to find a lot of stuff from this era.  The Eagles press pin is quite condition sensitive.  This exact pin recently sold for $400.00.

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