2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsopeningdaybox_zpsubcqq6nn.jpg

Opening Day is right around the corner, so why not bust into a box of 2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball.  It is and always will be targeted toward the beginning collector.  I highly doubt we’ll ever see a high-end version for those people willing to take a more expensive gamble.

2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball is probably one of the least complicated products on the market today.  The base set consists of 200 cards.  75 of those cards are Series 2 preview cards.  Parallels don’t flood this product as much as some of the others you see out there.  You only have two parallels to look for – Blue Opening Day and Opening Day 1/1.  Printing Plates and SP Photo Variations have been included as well.  Twenty-five players have photo variations you need to keep an eye out for.  These are significantly rarer (1:307 packs) and can easily pay for a handful of 2015 Topps Opening Day boxes.

Inserts are what dominate this product.  Each pack contains an insert, and there are seven different inserts to collect – Superstar Celebrations, Mascots, Team Spirit, Hit the Dirt, Franchise Flashback, Stadium Scenes, and Opening Day Stars.  The mascots are fun, but the Stadium Scenes are my personal favorite.  The photographs used for the Stadium Scenes inserts are from fans that sent them to Topps over Instagram last year while attending MLB games.  That was an interesting way to include fans within an official Topps set.

One of my personal favorite cards has to be the Chase Utley Superstar Celebrations.  I’m a Phillies fan, and its cool to see that Topps left broadcaster Greg Murphy in the picture.  During the game, you never know where Greg Murphy might show up.  That dude deserves to be on a card.

With the price of about $30.00, you’re most likely not going to have the pull of a lifetime.  Like I said before, its targeted towards new collectors and young kids.  You can find relics and autographs but the odds are crazy low.  The relics and player autographs both fall 1:383 packs.  Mascot autographs are even harder at 1:776 packs.

You can’t bash it for not spitting out one “hit” after another.  It just simply isn’t that type of product.  If it was, the cost per box would be drastically higher than $30.00.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Michael Pineda Blue #34
  • Marcus Stroman Blue #170
  • Gio Gonzalez Blue #102
  • Mike Minor Blue #167
  • Peter Bourjos Blue #132
  • Matt Garza Blue #7
  • Roenis Elias Blue #52
  • Jeff Samardzija Blue #54

 photo pine_zpsyvbhgbnu.jpg


Opening Day Stars

  • Yu Darvish #22

 photo 3dyu_zpshnssquyr.jpg

Team Spirit

  • Clayton Kershaw #6

 photo ckts_zpsivekqmls.jpg

Franchise Flashback

  • Gregor Blanco #7
  • Jose Altuve #13
  • Chase Utley #18
  • Anthony Rizzo #5
  • Alex Gordon #9
  • Robinson Cano #4
  • Jonathan Lucroy #16

 photo gbflash_zpsyu1sx9dc.jpg

Superstar Celebrations

  • Jason Castro #23
  • Albert Pujols #14
  • Tim Lincecum #5
  • Giancarlo Stanton #4
  • Clayton Kershaw #9
  • Jordon Zimmermann #7
  • Chase Utley #10

 photo gmcu1_zpsoflyfkcz.jpg

Hit the Dirt

  • Ian Kinsler #6
  • Denard Span #14
  • Starling Marte #7
  • Mike Trout #4
  • George Springer #9
  • Jacoby Ellsbury #5
  • Dustin Pedroia #15

 photo dppaydirst_zpst4ugicq4.jpg

Stadium Scenes

  • Tom Cicotello
  • Luca Djelosevic
  • Tony Voda
  • Juan Fernandez Jr.
  • Kevin Ransom
  • Ben Shaw
  • Jim Brady

 photo stadsc_zpssp1qfvaz.jpg


  • Baltimore Orioles #3
  • Rosie Red #8
  • TC Bear #15
  • Dinger #10
  • Raymond #23
  • Swinging Friar #20
  • Baxter The Bobcat #1
  • Mr. Met #17

 photo bomascot_zpsbgz9cmub.jpg

Notable RCs

  • Rusney Castillo #151

 photo rcrc15od_zpskgcad07l.jpg

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