2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsmcbbbox_zpsrq8raoiv.jpg

When it comes to top quality products, 2015 Topps Museum Collection Baseball is right up there.  Not much has changed since the brand debuted a few years ago, but why mess with a winning formula.  My motto is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  I think it has something to do with the fantastic lineup of current and retired stars, along with a very clean looking design.  You have no idea how far a clean design can go with collectors.  The configuration of Museum Collection is exactly the way I like a product to be.  Inside each box you’ll find (4) mini boxes, each containing (1) pack.  Every box should have (1) on-card auto, (1) auto relic, (1) quad relic, and (1) jumbo relic.

One of the big icons that Museum Collection is known for has returned.  What I’m talking about of course are the framed Museum Collection Autographs.  These are signed in silver ink, and come in a variety of fancy styled frames – Gold #’ed/15, Silver #’ed/10, Black #’ed/3, and new for this year Wood #’ed/1.  Finding these are quite difficult considering they are case “hits”.  I know many collectors use these framed gems as the centerpiece of their collection.  They literally look like something you could hang on the wall.  Just really top notch!

Another new element this year are the Premium Prints Autographs.  There are (25) subjects in this set.  The cards use black and white photos with a black background, and then are signed in silver ink.  Each of these cards are numbered to (25).  Just a little easier to find when compared to the framed Museum Collection Autographs.

As you can see, this is a “hit” driven product.  The base set is very small coming in at only (100) cards.  Parallels include Copper, Green #’ed/199, Blue #’ed/99, and Red #’ed/1.

The cost of a box can be a little steep for some collectors.  You should be able to get one for $185.00 to $200.00.  It overall was a fun break since this is the type of configuration I’m in to opening.  Judging by what I’ve seen other people pull, for the most part it really delivers.

Brad Utterstrom and other artists have some really nice looking sketch cards in here too.

Here is what I pulled:

Auto Relic

  • Chris Sale Triple Jersey Auto #’ed/50

 photo saleautojersey15mc_zpsx6kl2zv9.jpg


  •  Dellin Betances Auto #’ed/399

 photo dellinauto15mc_zpsu3jdynkl.jpg

Quad Relic

  • Joey Votto Quad Jersey #’ed/75

 photo vottoquad15mc_zps8wklkird.jpg

Jumbo Relic

  • Billy Hamilton Momentous Material Jersey #’ed/35

 photo billyjumbo15mc_zpsxrmfdwaq.jpg


  • Troy Tulowitzki Copper #79
  • Anthony Rendon Copper #7
  • Javier Baez RC Blue #’ed/99
  • Yu Darvish Green #’ed/199

 photo javier15mcblue_zpsdevsroyf.jpg

 photo yugreen15mc_zps6pkefemt.jpg

 photo rendongold15mc_zpsfwfq2ru7.jpg

 photo tulo15mcgold_zpsb2ywiydb.jpg


  • Giancarlo Stanton Canvas Collection Reproduction #37

 photo stantoncanvas15mc_zpsxyll3zvd.jpg


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