2015 Bowman Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15bowmanbbbox_zps6vxhu5yw.jpg

Prospecting is a HUGE part of the hobby.  Collectors are willing to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on a young prospect if they think he will be the next big thing.  When it comes to baseball, nobody does prospecting better than Topps with their Bowman and Bowman Chrome brands.  Other manufacturers try, and some do a good job.  But at the end of the day, when that new rookie makes a fantastic catch or hits a home run in his first at bat, a majority of the attention goes towards their Bowman or Bowman Chrome cards.  For some collectors, the release of the first Bowman baseball product is a religious holiday.  I personally can’t see how someone could spend thousands on a player that hasn’t made their MLB debut yet.  But collectors like to take major gambles on who might be the next Jeter, Harper, or Trout.

The 2015 Bowman Baseball base set comes in at (150) cards.  That breaks down to (120) veterans and (30) rookies.  Its a little smaller than usual.  The Prospects and Chrome Prospects are sitting tall at (150) cards.  All Chrome Prospect Autographs are signed on-card.

Collectors have a lot to look for within this product.  Regular hobby boxes have (1) autograph, while jumbos contain (3).  Its never been a better time to be a player collector.  Each year seems to bring more and more colored parallels to chase.  Out of all the refractors, inserts, die-cuts, and relics, my favorite cards are the Rookie Recollections.  Rookie Recollections are new for this year, and celebrate the 25th anniversary of 1990 Bowman Baseball.  These come (1) per box and take photos of players from 1990 and insert them into a card with the 2015 design.  Your most likely going to pull a non-autographed version, but they did includes ones that are signed.  Look for low-numbered signed parallel versions too.  Collectors seem to be eating these up, especially Frank Thomas.

Starting this week, Topps will be giving away Twitter exclusive 2015 Bowman blue refractor packs.  These blue refractors differ from what you would normally pull out from a standard box.  Topps has only made (150) packs.  Each pack will have (9) blue refractors and (1) autograph #’ed/3.  The autograph is a blue refractor as well.  All (150) prospects in 2015 Bowman are included with this promotion.  Follow @BowmanCards to find out how you can grab one of these special packs.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Alex Reyes Refractor Auto #’ed/499

 photo reyes15bcrefauto_zpsmqihgj1o.jpg


  • Logan Moon Silver Paper #’ed/499
  • Nick Travieso Purple #’ed/250
  • Shin-Soo Choo Silver Ice #8
  • Jantzen Witte Silver Ice #57
  • Julio Urias Chrome Purple #’ed/250

 photo logan15bpar_zpsq1v2pkbf.jpg

 photo bowmanpurp15_zps6z1yb5cv.jpg

 photo choo15bice_zpshl39yu2t.jpg

 photo jan15bice_zpsrjco2vdq.jpg

 photo julio15bcpurp_zps2elb7doa.jpg


  • Frank Thomas Rookie Recollection #RRI-FT
  • Clint Frazier Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 #BTP-57
  • Eduardo Rodriguez Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 #BTP-49
  • Tyler Beede Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 #BTP-90
  • D.J. Peterson The Farm’s Finest Mini #FFM-DP
  • Chance Sisco The Farm’s Finest Mini #FFM-CS
  • Brandon Drury The Farm’s Finest Mini #FFM-BD
  • Hunter Renfroe The Farm’s Finest Mini #FFM-HR

 photo fthomas15bc_zpsfw9vjcyv.jpg

 photo clint15bc_zpsaihionyf.jpg

 photo rod15bc_zpsshazuifa.jpg

 photo beede15bc_zpsbt9kxzz4.jpg

 photo dj15bcmini_zpsev5xrr37.jpg

 photo sisco15bcmini_zpsiwn1m9ef.jpg

 photo dr15bcmini_zpswb77xup4.jpg

 photo hunter15bcmini_zpsai3jitg9.jpg

Notable RCs

  • Rusney Castillo #125
  • Joc Pederson #130

 photo cast15bowman_zps3mwbz1qv.jpg

 photo joc15b_zpsgdgtv1og.jpg


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