Upper Deck Unveils 2015 NSCC VIP Set

The 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention takes place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center this year in Chicago.  It runs from 7/29 to 8/2.  Upper Deck has already spilled the beans on some of the stuff they plan on doing.

Upper Deck first released their Prominent Cuts product back in 2009.  Since then the brand has been silent… until now.  Prominent Cuts plans to be all over Upper Deck’s 2015 NSCC promos.  Here is a look at the 5-card set VIPs will receive in their bags.

 photo 2015-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Prominent-Cuts-VIP-Woods_zpsb2j3yivd.jpg

 photo 2015-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Prominent-Cuts-VIP-Jordan_zpsadgrnmok.jpg

 photo 2015-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Prominent-Cuts-VIP-Gretzky_zpsjdjdjoac.jpg

 photo 2015-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Prominent-Cuts-VIP-Bettis_zpsfef2ioei.jpg

 photo 2015-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Prominent-Cuts-VIP-Toews_zpsmumttoee.jpg

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