Flashback Product of the Week: 1995 Tombstone Pizza

 photo tombstone95_zpspph7hjeg.jpg

Food manufacturers have been including sports cards within their products for decades.  It doesn’t occur as much anymore.  But at one time sports cards were offered from potato chip companies to dog food producers.  Everyone wanted in on it.  Some of the earliest baseball cards I own come from Kraft, Stouffer’s, and Wheaties.  I always thought it was cool to get a promo with food.

The folks at Tombstone Pizza created a few different sets throughout the 90s.  In 1995, I remember pulling a Frank Thomas card from one of their frozen pizzas.  The 1995 Tombstone Baseball set consists of (30) regular cards.  There are (15) players from the National League and (15) from the American League.  Inside each Tombstone Pizza you would find (1) card.  One of the cooler things that I didn’t realize until now was that they included some randomly inserted autographs.  Some lucky pizza lovers opened their box and found an autographed card of George Brett, Johnny Bench, or Bob Gibson.  According to my research, Tombstone included 6,000 autographs.  I don’t believe there were 6,000 of each made.  I think they each signed 2,000 a piece.  Either way it would awesome to open a pizza and find and autograph.  In order to get the certificate of authenticity you needed to send away for it.  You could also send away for a complete set with (5) proofs-of-purchase.

Speaking of pizza.  Has anyone tried the new hot dog filled crust pizza from Pizza Hut?  These look really good.  Now all they have to do is wrap it in bacon.

 photo pizzahuthotdog_zps1zajnivr.jpg


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