“Pin-Up” of the Week: eBay Employee Baseball Pin

 photo ebay2000baseballpin_zpsf6bqnxjo.jpg

Can you believe that eBay will turn twenty this year?  It started out as a small website called Auction Web, and has grown into the beast it is now.  eBay has changed a lot of things, including the sports memorabilia industry.  Its made “book” value completely meaningless when it comes to cards.  Items that were thought to be rare, now may not be so difficult to locate.

I’ve been using eBay since March of 2002.  The first time I used it was to sell a Barry Bonds autographed baseball.  It was something I had picked up at a charity auction years earlier, and didn’t really need anymore.  Needless to say, I was able to sell it despite having a generic COA and no picture for the auction listing.

eBay use to make a lot of pins.  Many came from their annual eBay Live! events.  I don’t think they even hold those anymore.  They use to have a merchandise store where you could purchase items with the eBay logo on it.  That has been closed for a while.  You would think that eBay would make some 20th anniversary stuff, but I don’t see that coming.

This pin was issued to eBay employees in 2000.  It was given to those employees that reached specific monthly performance goals.  You can usually find them for $10.00.

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