2015 Bowman Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15bowmanfb_zpsxd5bgniy.jpg

Topps has been using Bowman Football for the last few years as their #1 place to get the first autographs out of the newest rookie class.  Granted they aren’t the first company of the year to do so, but when you don’t have a college license and don’t want to issue a fully unlicensed product you get something like Bowman Football.  Its a hybrid product containing a mix of NFL licensed and generically retouched cards.

There is a lot of money that can be made in these early sets even though the ideal situation would be to wait for all the licensed stuff to come out.  The major key to products like this are the on-card signatures.  By this point in the year you need to have autographs that are on-card.  When you have companies like Upper Deck and Leaf releasing products with all on-card signatures, there is no excuse for using stickers.  Topps took full advantage of the Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot and got tons of on-card autographs which made their way into Bowman Football.  Topps really kicked it into high gear without having to include a single redemption card within this product too.

Typically when the NFL licensed products begin to surface, college and unlicensed products take a dip.  Bowman Football cards on the other hand seem to hold up quite well.  Collectors love the on-card Chrome autographs and all the parallels to chase.  Things like that help take your mind off of the altered photographs.  Its a dancing game.  If they waited to make the cards of the players in their new NFL uniforms, the autographs probably would be on stickers.  Collectors value on-card autographs more than anything.  The inclusion of those 1948 Bowman Mini autographs is a nice touch.  Those came out really nice and you can look for Red Ink versions numbered to five.

Inside each hobby box you should find (4) autographs and (1) relic.  Boxes are currently selling for $84.00.  Topps certainly puts some thought into products like this, and just doesn’t cheaply throw it together like that other manufacturer.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Sean Mannion Refractor RC
  • Josh Robinson Refractor RC
  • (2) Cameron Artis-Payne Refractor RC

 photo sean15bcauto_zpszdxasody.jpg

 photo robsinson15bcauto_zpsglycwrwl.jpg

 photo payne15bowmanchromeauto_zpstlilub69.jpg


  • Jadeveon Clowney Jersey

 photo clow15bowjer_zpsgfac2sw7.jpg

Notable Parallels

  • Ben Koyack RC Orange Ice #’ed/50
  • Antwan Goodley RC Red #’ed/199
  • P.J. Williams RC Orange #’ed/299
  • Dominique Brown RC Blue #’ed/499
  • Amari Cooper RC Blue Foil #’ed/499
  • Matthew Stafford Blue Foil #’ed/99
  • DeSean Jackson Gold #’ed/75
  • Cedric Ogbuehi RC Gold #’ed/399
  • Andrus Peat RC Gold Foil #’ed/399
  • Kenny Bell RC Gold Foil #’ed/399

 photo ben15boworangeice_zps4rqcfllh.jpg

 photo good15bowred_zpsum45b9vg.jpg

 photo pj15boworange_zpsysrttfdy.jpg

 photo dombrown15bowblue_zpsyyjw9wn9.jpg

 photo cooper15bowmanblue_zps6ekjl60t.jpg

 photo staf15bowblue_zpst4g9wgy8.jpg

 photo jackson15bowgold_zpsizcvi0ed.jpg

 photo cedric15boworange_zps7pnharwd.jpg

 photo peat15bowgold_zpsgimyttdb.jpg

 photo bell15bowgold_zpshky8ccoa.jpg


  • Michael Floyd Die-Cut #BCDC-MF
  • Mike Wallace Die-Cut #BCDC-MW
  • Eddie Lacy Die-Cut #BCDC-EL
  • Marcus Peters Mini #BM-MPE
  • Shaq Thompson Mini #BM-ST
  • David Johnson Mini #BM-DJO
  • Randy Gregory Mini #BM-RGR
  • Devin Smith Mini #BM-DSM
  • Vince Mayle Mini #BM-VM
  • Tyler Kroft Mini #BM-TKR
  • Stefon Diggs Mini #BM-SD
  • Dezmin Lewis Mini #BM-DI
  • Nate Orchard Mini #BM-NOR

 photo eddie15bowdiecut_zpsp4vamhqv.jpg

 photo 15bowmanmini_zps2jpsrs7q.jpg

Notable Rookies

  • Jameis Winston #23
  • Jameis Winston Black #23

 photo winstonbowmanrc_zpsjjkkhg52.jpg

 photo winston15bowblack_zpsp1dcplje.jpg


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