Flashback Product of the Week: 1985 Woolworth

 photo dg85woolworth_zps8b0kx2i4.jpg

Before going out of business in 1997, Woolworth was an American retailing giant.  Woolworth was founded in the late 1870’s and is considered to be one of the original five and dime stores in the country.  During the 1980’s though, they were hit with competition and sales began to slide.  After it’s collapse, their name was changed to the Venator Group where they focused on the Foot Locker division.  They eventually changed their name to Foot Locker, Inc.

Like a lot of retailers, Woolworth released their own baseball card set beginning in 1985.  This was a tradition until they stopped in 1991.  Woolworth did not print the cards themselves, instead they had Topps take care of that.  The 1985 Woolworth set includes 44 cards.  It comes with a mix of current stars of the day and older players.  The running theme is record holders from all different time periods.  Out of the 44 cards, the Dwight Gooden is probably the most well known.  Complete sets can be found for under $10.00.  None of these retail issued sets from this era carry much value.  Randy Johnson has a rookie in their 1989 set.  I believe that holds the largest value from all of their releases.

Cards like this are great for in-person autographs.  From time to time you’ll see a Nolan Ryan autographed card popup for sale that comes from the 1985 Woolworth set.  Its serial numbered out of 2,000 but did not originate from Topps or Woolworth.  The now defunct Score Board company issued those in the 90’s.  Even though it comes with a COA, I wouldn’t trust it.  Score Board didn’t have the best reputation.

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