2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsagbox_zpstgryadtx.jpg

I don’t think when Topps debuted Allen & Ginter ten years ago they imagined it would become so immensely popular.  I’m sure they were hoping for it to do well, but it was far from the first attempt that Topps made at a retro themed product.  Products like T206, T205, and others, came long before the first box of Allen & Ginter hit the shelves.  Those retro products which came before Allen & Ginter performed ok, but few left much of an impression.  Although, 2002 Topps T206 does have some impressive cards containing relics of very old players like John McGraw, Joe Tinker, and Jimmy Collins.  When opening a box of Allen & Ginter you literally have no idea of who or what you’re going to get.  This product has always been a smorgasbord of people, places, and things.  Its like one of those old jokes where three random things that aren’t related at all walk into a bar.  At first it may not make much sense, but in the end everything comes together.

Despite not being a huge fan of base cards, I enjoy Allen & Ginter.  Its a sign of summer, and usually means the National Sports Collectors Convention isn’t too far away.  With this being the 10th Anniversary of Allen & Ginter, Topps has included all sorts of fancy stuff for you to keep an eye out for.  As its been the case in other years, the 2015 version comes with (3) hits – autographs, relics, printing plates, rip and booklet cards.  A large portion of the set is baseball related, but its all the other non-baseball things that seem to get the most attention.  The inclusion of Rocky Balboa and other supporting characters from those movies was a nice touch.  Autographs of Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, and Hulk Hogan have been some of the highest selling cards this year.  Too bad they didn’t get Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang to sign.  It surprised me to see how much Val Kilmer’s autographs were going for.  There must be a ton of Top Gun fans busting this stuff.  Ichiro has a slew of autographs in here too.  His autographs will always be in high demand.

Having a product that covers such a wide range of topics, its almost limitless to what Topps could include.  One of these years I hope they include former Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas.  Topps has only made (1) Harry Kalas card.  Its a one-of-one cut signature from 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 and I own it.

You could easily say that Topps has one of the better promo programs during the National.  Specially made Allen & Ginter cards are a great idea.  The best type of promo is one that can be integrated into an already strong product.  I’d like to see Topps make a National exclusive Allen & Ginter card of whichever convention center the NSCC is being held at that year.  A lot of memories are made during the National, and it certainly wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to come out of Allen & Ginter.  The National needs a card!!!

Here is what I pulled:


  • Felix Hernandez Mini Jersey
  • Pablo Sandoval Bat
  • Brandon Phillips Jersey

 photo felix15ginjersey_zpsn9taixf4.jpg

 photo sand15ginter_zpscnphiupk.jpg

 photo bran15ginter_zpsfdmqq7ts.jpg

Box Topper

  • Pride of the People – Christ The Redeemer

 photo red15agboxtop_zpsmudbkrlk.jpg


  • Doug Fister Mini Black Border #221
  • Brett Gardner Mini Black Border #329
  • Jose Fernandez Mini Black Border #208
  • Brian McCann Mini A&G Back #114
  • Appomattox Court House Mini A&G Back #24
  • Sal Vulcano Mini A&G Back #44
  • Matt Adams Mini A&G Back #120
  • Wade Miley Mini A&G Back #217

 photo fisterblacag15k_zpsgouwcpby.jpg


  • Al Kaline 10th Anniversary Issue 2014 Mini Buyback
  • Edwin Encarnacion 10th Anniversary Issue 2008 Buyback
  • Henry Rodriguez 10th Anniversary Issue 2010 RC Buyback
  • Henry Every Hoist the Black Flag Mini #HBF-10
  • Benjamin Hornigold Hoist the Black Flag Mini #HBF-6
  • Barn Owl Birds of Prey Mini #BP-10
  • James J. Hill Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons Mini #MBT-3
  • Dolley Madison First Ladies Mini #FIRST-4
  • What Once Was Believed Alchemy #WAS-5
  • What Once Would Be Lunar Colonization #WOULD-10
  • What Once Would Be Robot Housekeepers #WOULD-3
  • Menagerie of the Mind Centaur #MM-20
  • Menagerie of the Mind Zombie #MM-11
  • Menagerie of the Mind Pegasus #MM-6
  • Great Scott Fingerprints #GS-9
  • Great Scott Continental Drift #GS-7
  • Great Scott Large Hadron Collider #GS-4
  • Ancient Armory Claymore #AA-11
  • Ancient Armory Shuriken #AA-12
  • Ancient Armory Catapult #AA-1
  • Mike Moustakas Starting Points #SP-36
  • Joe Mauer Starting Points #SP-49
  • Albert Pujols Starting Points #SP-2
  • Dee Gordon Starting Points #SP-44
  • Ryan Braun Starting Points #SP-46
  • Carlos Gonzalez Starting Points #SP-25
  • Jacoby Ellsbury Starting Points #SP-57
  • Salvador Perez Starting Points #SP-19
  • Prince Fielder Starting Points #SP-90
  • Dustin Pedroia Starting Points #SP-12

 photo kalinemini15_zpsrlsav06u.jpg

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