2015 Topps Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsfootballbox_zpsnozryl75.jpg

Well collectors.  This is it.  For the last 60 years Topps has issued an annual football card set in this format, and starting next year it will stop.  In 2016, Panini will have an exclusive NFLPA license (makes no sense at all).  That means Topps won’t be able to make cards of current players, which is going to seem really weird.  Topps will however be able to make cards of retired players.  Opening this box felt as if I was Luke Skywalker staring off into the binary sunset on Tatooine.  Its the end of a 60 year run.  But Topps sure is putting everything they’ve got into their last remaining NFLPA products.

Photographs in a lot of ways are the heart and soul of a product.  Topps continues to use game shots containing a lot of action.  The short print photo variations should keep you busy for quite awhile.  Its important that you check for these because they do carry a premium despite looking just like a regular old base card.  I’m not a base card guy, but overall they look very well put together.

For me, the best thing about this flagship set are the autographs.  The on-card Rookie Premiere autographs are looking better than ever.  Topps has been using the Rookie Premiere photo shoot as an opportunity to get cards hard-signed for some time now.  Its definitely paid off for them as collectors treat these cards as one of the main focal points of their collection.  Not everything is signed on-card though.  There is a decent amount of sticker autographs which are slapped within white boxes.  I’m not sure why the white boxes were used, but I don’t think they were needed.  By far my personal favorite cards Topps made for this specific product are the retro autographs.  These came out amazing!!!  Even the non-autographed retro cards were fun to pull.  Buybacks aren’t anything new to collectors, but Topps has included a bunch of really good ones.  Some of the most sought after vintage football cards have been thrown in here.

I’m surprised that Topps didn’t include anything to do with their digital card apps.  Series 2 Baseball and APEX Soccer included items like that.  Its going to be interesting to see what Topps football products look like next year.  Retired players sure won’t fill up a product like this.  I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a legends version of Topps Chrome.  2015 Topps Football is not a product you want to rush through.  Take your time and watch for everything.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Blake Bortles Jersey

 photo bortles15jersey_zps2s4orzcj.jpg

SP Photo Variation

  • J.J. Watt #115

 photo watt15sp_zpsehdo3d5m.jpg


  • Super Bowl XLIX Champions Red Foil #’ed/60
  • Rob Gronkowski Camo #’ed/399
  • Dez Bryant Gold #’ed/2015
  • Peyton Manning Gold #’ed/2015
  • LeSean McCoy Gold #’ed/2015
  • DeMarco Murray Gold #’ed/2015

 photo brady15red_zpsb4gnvi7o.jpg

 photo gronkcamo15_zpszpfypupb.jpg

 photo dez15gold_zpslo7becif.jpg

 photo manning15gold_zps5zpkc1pz.jpg

 photo mccoy15gold_zpsjzcvfhip.jpg

 photo murray15gold_zpslmniq6cm.jpg


  • Jim Allen 1982 Topps Buyback black stamp #334
  • Le’Veon Bell Fantasy Focus #FF-LB
  • Antonio Brown Fantasy Focus #FF-AB
  • Rob Gronkowski Fantasy Focus #FF-RG
  • Odell Beckham Jr. Fantasy Focus #FF-OB
  • Kelvin Benjamin Fantasy Focus #FF-KB
  • Mark Ingram Fantasy Focus #FF-MI
  • Alfred Morris Fantasy Focus #FF-AM
  • Calvin Johnson Fantasy Focus #FF-CJ
  • Matthew Stafford Fantasy Focus #FF-MS
  • Eli Manning 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-EM
  • Peyton Manning 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-PM
  • Ben Roethlisberger 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-BR
  • Phillip Rivers 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-PR
  • Aaron Rodgers 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-AR
  • Matthew Stafford 4000 Yard Club #4KYC-MS
  • Jeremy Maclin 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-JM
  • Antonio Brown 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-AB
  • Justin Forsett 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-JF
  • Greg Olsen 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-GO
  • Rob Gronkowski 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-RG
  • Arian Foster 1000 Yard Club #1KYC-AF
  • Colin Kaepernick/Steve Young Past And Present Performers #PPP-KY
  • Melvin Gordon/LaDainian Tomlinson Past And Present Performers #PPP-GT
  • Peyton Manning/John Elway Past And Present Performers #PPP-ME
  • Calvin Johnson/Barry Sanders Past And Present Performers #PPP-JS
  • Tre Mason/Marshall Faulk Past And Present Performers #PPP-MF
  • Le’Veon Bell/Jerome Bettis Past And Present Performers #PPP-BB
  • Len Dawson All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-LD
  • Barry Sanders All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-BS
  • Antonio Brown All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-AB
  • Brett Favre All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-BF
  • Jimmy Graham All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-JG
  • Tom Brady All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-TB
  • Tony Dorsett All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-TD
  • Drew Brees All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-DB
  • Gale Sayers All-Time Fantasy Legends #ATFL-GS
  • Jordy Nelson 60th Anniversary #T60-JN
  • Barry Sander 60th Anniversary #T60-BS
  • Roger Staubach 60th Anniversary #T60-RS
  • Marshawn Lynch 60th Anniversary #T60-ML
  • Eddie Lacy 60th Anniversary #T60-EL
  • Peyton Manning 60th Anniversary #T60-PM
  • Philip Rivers 60th Anniversary #T60-PR
  • Sammie Coates 60th Anniversary #T60-SC
  • Brett Favre 60th Anniversary #T60-BF
  • Brett Hundley 60th Anniversary #T60-BH
  • Dez Bryant 60th Anniversary #T60-DB
  • Sammy Watkins 60th Anniversary #T60-SW

 photo allen15buyback_zpswrof32yv.jpg

 photo bellff15_zpsq8q0t8um.jpg

 photo eli400015_zpsdghsxced.jpg

 photo maclin151000_zpsqde9yokd.jpg

 photo colin15perf_zpsta1j2b0a.jpg

 photo lenatf15_zpsrsd9wrgc.jpg

 photo sanders1560th_zpsllrxsyrz.jpg

Notable Rookies

  • Marcus Mariota #429
  • Todd Gurley #422
  • Melvin Gordon #423
  • Amari Cooper #451

 photo mariota15rc_zpskmdnojov.jpg


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