2015 Topps Inception Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsinceptionfbbox_zps1dpqcvoi.jpg

What better way to start off the NFL season then by opening a box.  And its a good one.  Even before their flagship football set was released, Topps came out of the gate firing on all cylinders with Inception.  Topps uses Inception as a way to offer collectors high-end looking cards very early in the season.  Years ago, you would normally have to wait well into the season to pull cards of this quality.

The way Inception is configured is one of the most attractive qualities to me.  Boxes have (1) pack containing (7) cards.  You should find (3) “hits” inside.  I like products with this type of format, because I’m not a base card guy.  Inception is filled with a lot of impressive looking stuff, but I believe the black matte autographs take the cake.  The coolest ones contain inscriptions and drawn out plays.  Those silver and gold paint pens really make everything stand out on that black background.  They are easily some of the nicest on-card autographs released each year.

One of the most impressive things that Topps was able to pull off are the on-card booklet autographs.  These are nuts!  By the looks of it, they took some of the regular on-card autographs and just made booklets out of them.  At least that’s what it looks like to me.  For this early in the year, that is the way to go.  Not everything is signed on-card though, but the most important things are.  Once again Topps took full advantage of the Rookie Premiere photo shoot to obtain early on-card signatures.  Unlike some other companies.

Topps Inception is a fun product to open because it packs quite a punch, and offers that high-end feel early on.  Topps does it the correct way too.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Devin Smith Magenta Auto/Patch RC #’ed/50

 photo smithpatch15auto1_zpsd0megabm.jpg


  • Leonard Williams Blue RC Auto #’ed/25

 photo leoauto1_zpsnui2oim3.jpg

Certain collectors are having a fit that some rookies have “00” as their jersey number.  These cards needed to be printed in time for the Rookie Premiere and not ever rookie had an official jersey number yet.  Get over it!  On-card autographs this early are worth it.  This only seems to be the case with lower tiered rookies.


  • Vince Mayle Magenta Jumbo Jersey #’ed/50

 photo vince15jumbo_zpsdggypben.jpg


  • Matt Ryan Magenta #’ed/99
  • Khalil Mack Red #’ed/75

 photo ryan15parallel1_zpsge9zvyjg.jpg

 photo mack15parallel1_zps2wpqaxjg.jpg


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