2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15bcbaseballbox_zpsyeyhklsu.jpg

The summer started off with 2015 Bowman, and now it finishes with Bowman Chrome.  Having two products that are very similar released within the same year just goes to show you how much people like to collect prospects.  Its a whole science (or guessing game) to who will be the next Jeter, Pujols, or Trout.  Getting in on the low end of a player who eventually works their way up the system can yield big financial returns.  Of course it can work the other way around too.  Guys that are thought to be the next big thing can easily turn into giant flops.  Then you have those players who nobody heard of, but all of a sudden are scheduled to make their MLB debut.  It can be a fun or frustrating way to collect.  I have a difficult time seeing the logic behind spending more money for an autograph of a guy who is still in the minors versus one that’s already enshrined in Cooperstown.  But that’s just me.

In addition to all of the colorful refractors, there are four key elements that stand out to me when I see this product.  The first is all the on-card autograph goodness.  You just can’t go wrong with hard-signed cards.  That’s mostly what you’ll find in here.  Some die-cuts and dual autographs have stickers.  The second are the Bowman Black Autographs.  Whenever Topps has players sign on the card with gold or silver paint pens it usually comes out nicely.  Especially if the background is black.  They aren’t the easiest things to pull though being serial numbered to (25).  Third are the Superfractors That Never Were.  Topps reprinted some of the most famous Bowman rookies in history and gave them the Superfractor treatment.  They range from Hank Aaron to David Wright, and some are even autographed.  One serious collector recently spent almost $1,000.00 for the Willie Mays Superfractor.  And it isn’t even signed.  Oh yeah!  Ichiro has buyback autographs in here too.  Another nice touch are the Prime Position Autographs.  These horizontally designed cards turned out very well.

Overall, it was a fun rip.  As a Phillies fan, I’m glad to see Topps including cards of Odubel Herrera.  I think he first popped up in Series 2.  Too bad none of them are autographed.  Right now his autographs can only be found it that airbrushed Panini product called Immaculate Collection.  All stickers too.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Steven Okert
  • Amir Garrett Refractor #’ed/499

 photo okert15bcauto_zpsmng11f5r.jpg

 photo amir15bcrefauto_zpsiuagyyyp.jpg


  • Wade Miley Refractor #’ed/499
  • Mitch Keller Blue Refractor #’ed/150
  • Salvador Perez Purple Refractor #’ed/250

 photo wade15bcref_zpszlbr8yta.jpg

 photo keller15bcblue_zpssy6lj1hu.jpg

 photo sal15bcpurp_zpsrsxndiev.jpg


  • Corey Seager Prospect Profile Mini #PP-3
  • Alex Jackson Prospect Profile Mini #PP-11
  • Nick Gordon Prospect Profile Mini #PP-25
  • Xander Bogaerts Series Next Die-Cut #SN-XB
  • Addison Russell Series Next Die-Cut #SN-AR
  • Greg Bird Bowman Scouts’ Updates #BSU-GB
  • Nick Williams Bowman Scouts’ Updates #BSU-NW
  • Spencer Adams Bowman Scouts’ Updates #BSU-SA

 photo cs15bcmini_zpseb1pwn18.jpg

 photo xan15bcdc_zpszcgccwv7.jpg

 photo bird15bcsc_zps7qaeyik7.jpg

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