“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1988 National Sports Collectors Convention Pin

 photo 1988nsccpin_zpsszqpq6or.jpg

I’ve only been to two Nationals where they were selling official National Sports Collectors Convention merchandise.  Both were in Baltimore, MD.  Other than that, I’ve rarely seen merchandise advertising the National (not counting cards).  That’s a shame.  I’d like to see more.

Starting in the 80’s, the National issued lapel pins.  I’m not too sure how they were distributed though.  This was a practice that continued into the early 2000’s and then stopped.  Its something I’d like to see start up again, as no pins have been made for any of the Nationals I’ve attended.

The 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention takes place on 8/3 to 8/7 in Atlantic City, NJ at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  This won’t be the first time the National has been held in Atlantic City.  The 9th National was held there in 1988, and the 24th in 2003.  Collectors have had mixed feelings about it heading back.  I plan on giving it a shot.

Have you seen the National’s newly designed website yet?  It looks way better.


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