2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15tripletheadsbaseballbox_zpskiobe1qv.jpg

The first time I opened a pack of Triple Threads was back in 2007.  I was attending my first National in Cleveland, OH.  Dave & Adam’s Card World had just opened a new box and were selling them by the pack.  Eagerly wanting to know what was inside, I took the pack over to the food court and ripped it open.  Inside was one of my greatest pulls ever – Roger Clemens/Dwight Gooden/Tom Seaver Triple Auto Relic #’ed 1/1.  I almost dropped my hot dog when that card was staring back at me.  Immediately I took it over to Dave & Adam’s to show them what had been pulled.  Not too shabby for it being my first time attending a National.

From a configuration standpoint Triple Threads is exactly what I’m looking for.  I like products that get straight to the “hits”.  One of the biggest complaints that some collectors have had over the years is that Triple Threads doesn’t change all that much.  At least from a design perspective.  I think we can all see that.  It’s football counterpart however has made an attempt at making design changes.  Topps included some sick looking multi-panel patch booklets that came out really well.  But if I had to pick, I’d say the Unity Jumbo Jersey Autographs are probably some of the better looking cards that collectors will most likely pull.  They don’t looking like a card you would normally find in Triple Threads.

I think the whole love/hate thing that collectors have with this brand are the die-cut relic windows.  Many make a lot of sense and commemorate something important that player has done.  Others are puzzling, funny, and quirky.  Some will leave you scratching your head.  Its basically pun central in some cases, but all in good fun.  Certain collectors may not like the funny jabs in what is suppose to be a high-end product.

Here is what I pulled (Brandon Belt hot box):


  • Brandon Belt Jersey/Bat/Jersey Auto #’ed/18
  • Brandon Belt Unity Jumbo Jersey Auto #’ed/99

 photo bel15tt2_zpsgjtyfyoj.jpg

 photo belt15tt_zps7yey415g.jpg


  • Stephen Strasburg Sepia Jersey #’ed/27
  • Tyson Ross Unity Jumbo Jersey #’ed/36

 photo stras215tt_zpsu8iidxoj.jpg

 photo ross15tt_zps070irxra.jpg


  • Dave Winfield Amethyst #’ed/354
  • Joe DiMaggio Amethyst #’ed/354
  • David Ortiz Emerald #’ed/250
  • Anthony Rendon Onyx #’ed/50

 photo winfield15tt_zpsmhyuynqc.jpg

 photo joed15tt_zps5aqy9f7i.jpg

 photo ortiz15tt_zpsqosekeh5.jpg

 photo ren15tt_zps0kmcn5gs.jpg


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