2015 Topps Supreme Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppssupbbbox_zpsldbxhrmb.jpg

The Topps Supreme brand is quickly becoming one of my favorite products to open each year.  Its configured just to my liking.  Boxes only contain (2) autographs, and NO base.  Last year I bought a few of these boxes as they are quite affordable.  Supreme continues it’s high-end feel with relatively low cost again for 2015.

You’ll find more on-card autographs within 2015 Supreme, but a lot of stickers are in here too.  The two cards I pulled have a layered canvas-like surface with hard-signed autographs.  They both look really good.  Supreme Stylings are case “hits”, and feature autographs on acetate.  I’m a big fan of acetate autographs, but the area of the card where they had the player sign is enclosed in a box.  I’d prefer to see a much more open area.  But that’s just me.

Booklets have had the same look for a while now.  Topps put an interesting twist to their Supreme Scope booklets this year.  These booklets contain three panels.  The middle panel contains the relic.  Panels on the right and left are both die-cut so when you close the booklet you can still see the relic.  This is actually a cool idea as you normally can’t see anything inside the booklet when its closed.

Boxes of 2015 Topps Supreme are currently selling for about $77.00.  Considering the high-end look with that kind of price, its a pretty sweet deal.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Jose Altuve Simply Supreme
  • Miguel Castro RC Green #’ed/50

 photo altuve15tsauto_zpspzon8yju.jpg

 photo castro15tsauto_zpsbaozobnr.jpg


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  1. AYE!!! You pulled a Blue Jay! Winner!

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