2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppsheritagehnumbox_zpswcnbsdjs.jpg

Now this is a product that has some depth to it.  2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball is not something you can rip through in a few minutes.  This is a product you need to take your time with.  You cannot open the packs looking for that (1) “hit” and simply disregard everything else that you pulled.  2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball packs quite the punch compared to previous years.

Today’s hobby is drastically dominated by autographs and relics.  You’ll find more than enough cards like that within this product.  Autographs and relics from the Heritage line are some of the most sought after cards the hobby has to offer.  Especially when it comes to those Real One autographs.  They just look out of this world.  Topps expanded the checklist for the Real One autographs by a ton.  In the past, Real One autographs were limited to a select group of players.  For 2015, Topps has included players coming before, during, and after the year the set design commemorates.

One area Heritage shines the most are with it’s SPs, variations, and parallels.  A lot of these can bring in more money than the autographs and relics.  I think it has a lot to do with the nostalgic factor.  Using those classic designs (1966 for this year) combined with photo variations and hard to pull parallels (Black and Gold) really drive up the demand.  The Max Scherzer SP that I pulled has a mark on the back side.  At first I thought it looked like stadium lights, but upon further inspection I believe it to be just a mark.  This is one of those rare products where the focus isn’t always on the traditional “hits”.  Its very refreshing!  2015 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball is one of the most comprehensive sets Topps has released all year.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Jose Altuve Clubhouse Collection Jersey

 photo al15thjersey_zpsy2jgjfuk.jpg


  • Blake Swihart Chrome RC #’ed/999
  • Yasmany Tomas Chrome Refractor RC #’ed/566

 photo bs15thchr_zps1hmgydl3.jpg

 photo yt15thref_zpsn0kim25u.jpg

Action Image

  • Francisco Lindor RC #717

 photo fl15thac_zpsvytxmze5.jpg


  • Kris Bryant RC #725
  • Austin Hedges RC #720
  • Max Scherzer #708
  • Raisel Iglesias RC #713
  • Carlos Rodon RC #710
  • Addison Russell RC #718
  • Yasmany Tomas RC #705
  • Edinson Volquez #703

 photo kb15th_zps5cd2nokv.jpg


  • Johnny Stephenson 1966 Buyback #17
  • Kris Bryant Rookie Performers #RP-4
  • Javier Baez Rookie Performers #RP-9
  • Byron Buxton Rookie Performers #RP-10
  • Mike Trout Award Winners #AW-1
  • Corey Kluber Award Winners #AW-3
  • Madison Bumgarner Award Winners #AW-10
  • Kershaw Climbs To Triple Digits Now And Then #NT-9
  • Harper Hammers 6th In 3-Game Spree Now And Then #NT-15
  • Altuve Sends Seattle To Showers Now And Then #NT-12
  • Reds Partners Combo Card #CC-3
  • Mets Rising Combo Card #CC-8
  • J & J Blue Jays Combo Card #CC-2

 photo js66thbb_zpsxrcaoi0o.jpg

 photo ks15thrp_zpsa9gdwkpm.jpg

 photo trout15th_zpse13yxwqd.jpg

 photo harper15th_zpskbno4soa.jpg

 photo reds15th_zpsyo3z1no2.jpg

Notable Base

  • Noah Syndergaard RC #618
  • Carlos Correa RC #563

 photo noah15th_zpsasupxgmm.jpg

 photo carlos15th_zps21szrsqt.jpg

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