2015 Topps Valor Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15tvalorfbbox_zpsmdp4ssxm.jpg

The first little taste that collectors got of Valor came during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  Topps was giving out stickers with the Valor “V” on them, but at the time we had no clue as to what it meant.  Then came the official Valor Twitter account.  Collectors had a feeling that it was going to be some type of new product.  If Topps was going to try out a new NFL product, 2012 sure was the year to do it.  That was one of the best rookie classes to come along in awhile.

When Valor was released, it was my kind of product.  Cards came in a cool circular, bronze metal tin, and only had (1) pack.  The autographs were on-card with a lot of unique designs.  For some reason though, it didn’t really catch on with collectors.  Its a shame, because I enjoyed it.  I remember opening a few boxes at a local card show shortly after it was released.  I kept one of the empty tins on my shelf for a long time because it was just so different.  It was like one of those bronze shields the Spartans use in the movie 300.

Topps skipped Valor for 2013, but brought it back last year.  However this time is was quite different.  The format was completely changed.  Gone was the cool tin, along with a majority of the on-card autographs.  Stickers were brought in with a lot more packs.

The 2015 version of Valor is similar to last year’s set.  There are (20) packs per box, and you get (4) “hits”.  Boxes cost less than $80.00 which is a plus for those collectors on a budget, but looking for something to bust that has a decent amount of “hits”.  But this format has been done many times before.  Among all the sticker autographs, Topps has included some cool stuff they got signed during the Rookie Premiere.  This would be the Battle Anthem and Battle Paint cards.  They’re quite rare, but do offer some unique content.

Valor has always had cool designs.  Glossy photos with a matte background always looks nice.  But I don’t think it ever lived up to what Topps had hoped.  Now it feels like one of those run of the mill products.  I know for a fact that Valor was never intended to be like that.  The ideal Valor in my mind would have the original format/quality, but with today’s box price.  I highly doubt that will happen though.

All-in-all, it was a fun break for a very affordable price.  For the casual box breaker, Valor would make a great Christmas gift.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Paul Dawson RC Auto #’ed/800

 photo dawson15vauto_zpsex7v9l7d.jpg


  • Rashad Greene RC Auto/4-Color Patch #’ed/50

 photo greenepatchauto15val_zps7m6fohft.jpg


  • Ameer Abdullah RC Jumbo Jersey Die-Cut #’ed/300
  • Melvin Gordon RC 1-Color Patch #’ed/289

 photo ameer15valjumbo_zpsoa2jra6h.jpg

 photo gordon15valpatch_zpscom2xs3z.jpg


  • Dan Marino Glory #’ed/99
  • Marshawn Lynch Discipline #’ed/199
  • C.J. Mosely Courage #’ed/299

 photo marino15val_zpsc707cfpg.jpg

 photo lynch15val_zpsybpmygye.jpg

 photo mos15val_zpsjoz1mvht.jpg


  • Clay Matthews Battle Cry #BC-CM
  • J.J. Watt Battle Cry #BC-JW
  • Roger Staubach Gridiron Warriors #GW-RS
  • Howie Long Gridiron Warriors #GW-HL
  • Dwight Clark Gridiron Warriors #GW-DC
  • Phil Simms Gridiron Warriors #GW-PS
  • Matt Forte Gridiron Warriors #GW-MF

 photo watt15val_zpsanw0f7pr.jpg

 photo long15val_zps01dnabzj.jpg


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