Flashback Product of the Week: 1986 HG Toys SPORTFREAKS Series 1

 photo sportfreaks86_zpsuqfo7wlm.jpg

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Flashback Product of the Week posts tend to stray away from traditional card products.  I like to explore the world of toys while keeping with a sports theme.

HG Toys released a line of action figures in 1986 called SPORTFREAKS.  If you’re looking for accurate looking figures that resemble your favorite sports heroes, these might not be for you.  SPORTFREAKS are the total opposite.  They’re crazy looking, mutant like creatures that like to play various sports.  HG Toys made them in three different sizes – 2.5″, 7″, and 15″.  The 7″ line consists of nine figures covering football, baseball, and basketball.  For football you have Ox, Trash Compactor, and Crutch Clutcher.  For baseball you have Shorty, Battery Acid, and Fast Furter.  For basketball you have Herb Hopper, Slam Board, and Off Guard.

Even though they’re quite funky looking, I don’t think these figures survived long enough to see a Series 2.  The 7″ figures if found mint in the package sell for around $20.00.  If you came across a rare prototype figure that some HG Toys employee took home with them, that could have some value.  For the most part, these guys have been long forgotten.


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  1. I have this item in box,box little beat up but still in unopen,and herb hopper,but missing card board on package..wondering if you no where to price them.

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