2015 Topps High Tek Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppshightekfbbox_zpsml4scn00.jpg

Products like this are what I live for!!!  2015 Topps High Tek Football is cheap, looks fantastic, and every single autograph is on-card.  Where else could you pull a Black Galactic Diffractor with a Blade background variation?  The answer is nowhere.  Just saying that makes me sound like Louis Tully from Ghostbusters.

From a design perspective these cards look really good.  I’m a big fan of acetate card stock that you can see through.  When you combine that with on-card autographs and crazy patterned backgrounds, you’ve got me hooked.  Lets not forget that High Tek is configured just to my liking as well.  Each box contains (1) pack with (1) autograph, and (1) parallel.  Plus you get a handful of base cards too.  High Tek is the first all on-card autograph product of the year when it comes to football.  Yes, there are some pre-draft products that are all on-card, but I’m talking about cards using NFL uniforms.

High Tek is one of those products where the autograph may not always be your best “hit”.  Low numbered parallels, rare background patterns, and throwback uniform photo variations can command some serious dollars on the secondary market.  Do not disregard any of the cards just because they aren’t autographed or serial numbered.  What looks like a simple base card could very well be a nice pull.  Its features like this that make this product so attractive along with the $60.00 price.

Rookies and current stars aren’t the only players that you’ll find.  Topps has thrown in a bunch of retired/HOFers too.  Old photographs on acetate seem to be a good combination.  It would be fun to see some really old football players on cards like this.  I’m talking about guys like Jim Thorpe and Red Grange.  The odds of this happening are pretty low though.  But I can still hope.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Greg Olsen – Grass

 photo gotek15_zpsxm3dhuc9.jpg


  • Clive Walford RC Grass Red Orbit Diffractor #’ed/5

 photo cwtekred15_zpstrrr0ta9.jpg


  • Duke Johnson RC – Pipes
  • Eric Dickerson – Spiral
  • Garrett Grayson RC – Dots
  • Victor Cruz – Waves
  • Jaelen Strong RC – Waves
  • John Elway – Grass

 photo duketek15_zpsvzpfgrde.jpg

 photo edtek15_zps8nnfabyw.jpg

 photo ggtek15_zpskmv1ftw5.jpg

 photo vctek15_zpsnxoxpl9x.jpg

 photo jstek15_zps2x7dfbfr.jpg

 photo jetek15_zpswzlvoetk.jpg


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