Flashback Product of the Week: 1989 Scoremasters

 photo 1989scoremasters_zpsikuw9jhm.jpg

Just because a product was released during the great junk wax era and it’s street value is almost next to nothing, doesn’t mean it can’t look good.  This definitely applies to 1989 Scoremasters.

When it comes to a card’s design, simplicity is always the best way to go.  With 1989 Scoremasters you won’t find fancy printing techniques attempting to grab your attention.  Instead you get great action shots with a hand drawn theme.  That’s it.  On the reverse side you’ll see a write up about that specific player.  The set consists of (42) cards, and was only available in factory set form through select sports card shops and/or a mail order program.  Out of the (42) cards, #30 gets the most attention as that is one of Ken Griffey, Jr.’s rookies.  Complete sets are readily available for under $10.00.

No matter how overproduced a product is, there is almost always some type of rare card.  1989 Scoremasters has just the thing.  There were a handful of sample cards made for this product.  How they were distributed is a mystery to me.  They were most likely sent out to card shop owners ahead of the set’s release date.  Or perhaps Score had them worked up during the manufacturing process.  Overall, the samples look just like the cards you’d find in the regular set.  Although some of the card fronts differ from player to player.  The main difference is on the back.  Samples have the word “SAMPLE” written on the back in big black text, and do not contain a player description.  Values of the samples are drastically higher too.  They can range anywhere from $10.00 to over $400.00 per card.


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