2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppsseries1boxbb_zpsv1xwpbst.jpg

This is it!  Its that time of the year that all baseball collectors look forward to.  Spring Training is about to start and the first Topps baseball set has already hit the shelves.  Even though I’m not a set collector, I can easily admire the high-end cards that you’ll find within this product.

The very first thing you’ll notice with 2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball is the overall base card design.  Its new and quite refreshing.  Gone are the traditional borders that we’ve been use to seeing for years.  Topps showed off this new design many months ago and its grown on collectors.  Trying new things needs to be done in this hobby.  Sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t.  But if the same stuff is done over and over again it can just look plain lazy.  I wasn’t sure how Topps would pull off the parallels with this new design, but I like it.  Without the border to give color to I thought it might be a little tricky.  My favorite parallels include the Silver Framed cards numbered to 16, and the Clear ones numbered to 10.

You shouldn’t be opening up boxes looking for that one life changing “hit”.  Are there any?  Sure.  But the odds of finding one are very difficult.  Regular hobby boxes come with (1) autograph or relic.  Jumbo boxes have (3).  Everything from the Berger’s Best line is cool in my book.  These inserts talk about individual cards from the past.  They also include autographs and relics as well.

I’m a pin collector.  My room has lanyards filled with pins from everywhere.  I’ve always enjoyed the pin cards Topps has made.  The black-and-gold Team Logo Pins are really sharp looking.  If you’re lucky, you might find an autographed version.  These are signed on-card and came out well.  So did the No-Hitter Pins.

Next month Topps plans to release MLB Wacky Packages.  I consider Wacky Packages to be from the same category as Garbage Pail Kids.  They’re fun pop culture stickers all based on Major League Baseball.  Spoof baseball products are at it’s core concept.  Funny stuff!  Topps included (5) promo cards of this set inside packs of 2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball.

Who cares if you’re not a set collector.  Give a box a try.  Its the first baseball product of 2016 and it sets the tone for the whole year.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Doug Fister Scouting Report Auto

 photo fister16toppsauto_zpszbtoivnl.jpg


  • Omar Infante Black #’ed/65
  • Michael Cuddyer Gold #’ed/2016
  • Jesse Hahn Gold #’ed/2016
  • Edward Mujica Gold #’ed/2016
  • Nolan Arenado Gold #’ed/2016
  • Jimmy Paredes Rainbow Foil
  • Jake Peavy Rainbow Foil
  • Chase Utley Rainbow Foil
  • Kevin Siegrist Rainbow Foil

 photo omar16black_zpsbgpxeqdr.jpg

 photo cudgold16_zpsbbgbao5q.jpg

 photo par16foil_zpsm2rlx0eu.jpg


  • Mark McGwire 65th Anniversary Blue Stamp 1988 Topps Buyback
  • Dave Lopes 65th Anniversary Black Stamp 1987 Topps Buyback
  • Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years #18
  • Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years #21
  • Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years #19
  • Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years #14
  • IronE Singleton First Pitch #20
  • Johnny Knoxville First Pitch #10
  • Steve Aoki First Pitch #16
  • Evelyn Jones First Pitch #5
  • Mark Teixeira Perspectives #18
  • Yasiel Puig Perspectives #7
  • Bryce Harper Perspectives #4
  • Ichiro Perspectives #13
  • Randy Johnson Perspectives #22
  • Justin Upton Perspectives #14
  • Ryan Howard Perspectives #20
  • Craig Biggio Perspectives #23
  • Jhonny Peralta Perspectives #9
  • Rickey Henderson Berger’s Best #29
  • Kris Bryant Berger’s Best #64
  • Mike Piazza Berger’s Best #43
  • Whitey Ford Berger’s Best #13
  • Roger Clemens Berger’s Best #35
  • Steve Carlton Berger’s Best #16
  • Clayton Kershaw Berger’s Best #57
  • Joe Morgan Berger’s Best #22
  • Roger Maris Berger’s Best #7
  • Paul O’Neill Pressed Into Service #5
  • Wade Boggs Pressed Into Service #2
  • Jose Canseco Pressed Into Service #3
  • Mitch Moreland Pressed Into Service #1
  • Josh Harrison Pressed Into Service #7
  • Josh Donaldson/Troy Tulowitzki Back To Back #15
  • Joey Votto/Brandon Phillips Back To Back #5
  • Paul Molitor/Robin Yount Back To Back #8
  • Miguel Cabrera/Victor Martinez Back To Back #10
  • Joc Pederson/Adrian Gonzalez Back To Back #6
  • MLB Wacky #2
  • MLB Wacky #5
  • MLB Wacky #3

 photo mcgwire88bb_zpsblenb7a2.jpg

 photo 16toppswrig_zpshy0anrga.jpg

 photo ironefp16topps_zps5wmiiqgs.jpg

 photo marktex16toppsp_zpscvt36zu6.jpg

 photo rickey15bb_zps3guwe6a1.jpg

 photo paulpis16topps_zpshbc0q2m4.jpg

 photo back2back16toppsblue_zpshazcwmoc.jpg

 photo metswacky_zpshkybvzgq.jpg

Notable Rookies

  • Greg Bird #188
  • Luis Severino #265

 photo luis15toppsrc_zpsxfnwsrae.jpg

 photo bird16toppsrc_zpst8lw3fzw.jpg


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