“Pin-Up” of the Week: Alien vs. Predator Little League PA District Pin

 photo alienpredllwspinpa_zpsa7ommuop.jpg

Its fascinating to see what characters will popup on Little League pins.  Especially when it comes to the individual districts.  They seem to be able to use anything they want.  I’ve seen them use some pretty violent characters like The Punisher, Deadpool, and the evil Mr. Peanut.

A few years ago a district from Pennsylvania made a batch of pins featuring the Predator strangling an Alien.  As crazy as these pins can get, they almost always have a baseball twist to them.  As you can see, the Alien has a baseball on the tip of it’s tail.  Demand for these pins are really all over the place.  They can sell for $8.00 all the way to $45.00.

The 2016 Little League World Series takes place in South Williamsport on 8/18 to 8/28.  We still don’t know what the official 2016 Little League World Series logo looks like.  I’m sure they’ll unveil it soon.

On a side note, I read earlier this week that Arnold Schwarzenegger could possibly be returning for the next Predator movie.  His character Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer hasn’t been seen since the original film.

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