2015 Topps Supreme Football Box Break & Review

 photo 15toppssupremefbbox_zpsbnqgxpo4.jpg

The Supreme brand has always been to my liking ever since it debuted.  That goes for both baseball and football.  I like the configuration.  Its a fast thrill that gets straight to the “hits”.  The Topps physical football card run is soon coming to an end.  That’s sad, but its just something we’ll have to deal with.  With that being said, Topps can go all out on some of their final football products.  Having to worry about running out of football autographs isn’t much of a concern.  Topps wants to use them up.  This creates some great autographs you don’t always get to see.

A majority of Supreme is sticker based when it comes to the autographs.  Although it does have it’s share of on-card content.  For the most part, your autograph(s) will be on a sticker(s).  Topps did a superb job designing these cards.  For a product that is almost entirely sticker based, the cards came out well.  A couple of factors play in to why they look just so darn good.  I think it has to do a lot with the gold stickers, placement of those stickers, and the cards’ overall design.  This is one of the main reasons why I like Topps so much.  Even when they have to use stickers, a lot of the time they’ll do their best to design the card in a way that will not allow the sticker to stick out like a sore thumb.  Are they immune to using white boxes with stickers?  No.  But at least they’re better at it then others.  In my opinion, the gold stickers best blend into the Supreme Autographs #’ed/99.

Booklets are where these cards truly reign “supreme”.  See what I did there 😉  Topps got football vets to include interesting inscriptions and hand-drawn plays.  The hand-drawn plays are really awesome.

Outside of the booklets, the Autographed Jumbo Patches are some of my favorites.  These horizontally designed cards have a jumbo patch, but it doesn’t overpower the players’ photo.  They left plenty of room for both.

Costing around $84.00, boxes can be on the expensive side.  Considering you only get (1) “hit”.  Like every product today, its a huge hit or miss if you’re trying to make back your money.

This is probably one of the better versions of Supreme.  I’d recommend opening a box.  Just don’t go all nuts if you don’t pull that life altering “hit”.  With Topps not holding anything back when it comes to football, you’ve got the opportunity to find some neat stuff.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Melvin Gordon/Ameer Abdullah/T.J. Yeldon/Matt Jones Rookie Quad Combos Patches #’ed/25

 photo 15supquad1_zpsgjg4ag2x.jpg


  • Kurt Warner Copper #’ed/194
  • Gale Sayers Copper #’ed/194

 photo kurt15sup1_zpsqfe9fq4l.jpg

 photo gale15sup1_zpscuyhfrdc.jpg


  • Matt Forte #31

 photo forte15sup1_zpsp5qycsyp.jpg

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