“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2016 Little League World Series Ring Top Pin

 photo llws2016ringpin_zpsxln32zr1.jpg

I can officially confirm that the logo used for last week’s “Pin-Up” of the Week post is the official logo of the 2016 Little League World Series.  The gift shop inside the Little League Museum has started to sell some 2016 merchandise which contains that exact logo.  As of this writing the only 2016 pins they have are the jerseys from the various regions, and the ring top pins.  The main logo pins will be in shortly.

Ring top pins are a big seller each year.  They’re about the size of a cough drop.  From a design standpoint, nothing much changes other than the date.  The 1998 Little League World Series was the last year they used the keystone logo in the middle of the ring top pins.  Starting in 1999 they switched to this logo which they used for the next sixteen years.  For 2016, Little League decided to change the logo once more to the one you see pictured above.  It looks just like the main logo for this year.  Whether they keep using this logo within their ring pins for a while is unknown.  That’s what they did before.

Ring top pins can be a bit more expensive even from a straight retail perspective.  The average retail price for one is $8.00.  Over the years, some have become rarer than others.  The last ring top pin featuring the keystone logo can be quite expensive.  Upon changing the logo for 2016, I don’t see the 2015 ring top pin going up in price.  Little League still has a good selection of those for sale.

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