2016 Topps Finest Baseball Mini Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppsfinestbaseballbox_zpszgystci5.jpg

Topps Finest has been a hobby favorite since it was first released back in 1993.  It introduced us to the refractor for crying out loud.  I’ve been a big fan of this brand even when Topps use to put those peel off covers on the cards.  This year Topps Finest is as impressive as ever.  But I think what really has collectors talking is the product’s distribution method.

At first, 2016 Topps Finest was going to be distributed in the traditional method.  Weeks before the release, Topps decided to make Finest an online exclusive.  You can get it at Topps MVP direct stores too.  This marks the first time that any major card manufacturer has taken one of their top brands and decided to sell it online directly to the collector.  This totally skips over the distributors and card shops.  Its just like what Dell did with computers.  Here is where you can buy a box or case.

Even though some distributors and card shops were upset after Topps changed their mind on how Finest would be distributed, I think its for the best.  Being able to purchase directly from the manufacturer provides a level of trust you might not be able to get anywhere else.  Some collectors don’t like to purchase products from online card shops, and everyone doesn’t have a local dealer they can visit.  It makes perfect sense for Topps to do this.  The level of trust is high and you can reach more collectors.  For the record though, online dealers I personally trust are Atlanta Sports Cards, Blowout Cards, and Dave & Adam’s Card World.  I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

This year’s version of Finest is right on par to what you’d expect.  High-tech, fancy colors, chrome stock featuring on-card autographs.  Everything looks really well done.  Nothing got watered down just because the distribution method changed.  Its the real deal.  My favorite cards are the Finest Greats Autographs.

I hope we see more classic Topps brands brought to us this way.  Just go straight to the collector.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Kole Calhoun Green Refractor Auto #’ed/99

 photo kole16tfgreen1_zpspnjkfsak.jpg


  • Brandon Phillips Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Mark Melancon Purple Refractor #’ed/250
  • Kenta Maeda RC Refractor
  • Brandon Crawford Refractor

 photo phillips16tfgreen1_zpsopn2xn8y.jpg

 photo mark16tfpurp1_zpsklg1iteb.jpg

 photo kenta16tfref1_zpszzz1jc52.jpg

 photo crawford16tfref1_zpsy5s3lfc8.jpg


  • Randy Johnson Finest Intimidators
  • Wil Myers Franchise Finest
  • Nolan Arenado Franchise Finest

 photo randy16tfi1_zpsgkfughyi.jpg

 photo wil16tff1_zpszy2gx2m2.jpg

 photo nolan16tff1_zpsytnghgeq.jpg


  • Hector Olivera #91
  • Jorge Lopez #98
  • Jose Peraza #16
  • Luis Severino #42
  • Greg Bird #17

 photo hector16tfrc_zpsrv3nar1c.jpg


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