“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2016 Dugout Moto H.O.G. Rally Pin

 photo 2016dugouthogpin_zpstpzjjuoz.jpg

What pins Little League has up for sale on their website compared to what they’ve got in their gift shop differs quite a bit.  Their website doesn’t have everything.  Right now their website only has three 2016 pins listed when in fact there are a lot more.

Dugout has been the mascot of the Little League World Series since 1985.  He was created by the Disney Corporation.  Walt Disney once sat on the Little League board of trustees for almost a decade.  Even after his death in 1967, Little League and Disney kept in touch.  Dugout is a perfect combination of a beaver, gopher, and chipmunk.  They also got inspired by Winnie the Pooh and Lady and the Tramp for his look as well.

One of the newest Dugout pins for 2016 is pictured above.  It features Dugout riding a chopper.  They used a baseball for the front wheel which you can actually spin.  Near the end of July, there is a big Pennsylvania H.O.G. Rally scheduled to take place in Williamsport.  I think that’s the main reason why they made this pin.

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