2016 National – Day #2

Day #2 of the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention is in the books.  What a great show!  When the doors opened I went right over to the Topps booth to get in line so I could take part in their wrapper redemption program.  These specially designed 2016 Bowman refractors seem to be the most popular promotion this year.  Its the only promotion that looks to have the longest wait time.  Luckily I got an early spot in line and made it through in about 45 minutes.  Out of my promo packs I pulled some cool cards of great players.  There were (2) gold refractors #’ed/50, but the big “hit” was a Julio Urias autograph #’ed/30.  Before leaving the booth, I gave the Topps employee who was helping me rip through the packs a Sports Card Info pin.  He reached under the counter and handed me a Topps Pro Debut logo pin in return.  Pretty cool!  I didn’t even know Topps had those.

Upper Deck’s wrapper redemption program didn’t seem to be too busy at the time I stopped by their booth.  I decided to try a box of 2016 Goodwin Champions which got me (4) promo packs.  I’ve never pulled an autograph from an Upper Deck National pack… until today.  Out of the second pack popped out a Kevin Smith Prominent Cuts autograph with a “MALLRATS 2” inscription #’ed/25.  After I get home and organized I’ll go into more detail about what I pulled from all of these boxes.  My desk at home still has (4) unopened boxes I need to work through.  Be prepared for some box breaks coming down the road.

Memory Lane, Inc. is allowing fans to take pictures with a 1930’s Babe Ruth game used bat.  That thing is beyond awesome.  The notches on the bat are thought to have been made by Babe Ruth in order to keep track of his home runs.  The young lady working for Memory Lane, Inc. was very helpful.  They were making people wear gloves while holding the bat.  It makes perfect sense because a piece of memorabilia like that shouldn’t have people’s fingerprints all over it.  Given the amount of time it would take me to put the gloves on, it was just easier for her to hold the bat.  Thank you!

Tomorrow is my final day for attending the National this year.  I’m heading home on Saturday.  The Topps booth is #1 on my list once again.  Before leaving today, I picked up another box of 2016 Bowman.  I’d like to hand out more Sports Card Info pins, and take a look at some individual vendors.  Tons going on.

You can see my recap of Day #1 here.

 photo IMG_3042_zpsfyuwgluf.jpg

 photo IMG_3043_zps2hsjp8h3.jpg

 photo IMG_3044_zpsbrxf8aop.jpg

 photo IMG_3053_zpss7zw1kpc.jpg

 photo IMG_3051_zps7b4mvu1r.jpg

 photo IMG_3045_zpslowz7wqj.jpg

Mike Schmidt 1971 Ohio University Baseball Letterman’s Jacket

 photo IMG_3048_zpscbfpbqj8.jpg

Lots of vintage bobbleheads

 photo IMG_3047_zpszdhrbvhs.jpg

Satchell Paige 1949 Bowman RC #224 SGC Mint 9

 photo IMG_3049_zpsylx33ouh.jpg

Booth attention getter 🙂

5 Responses

  1. That Ruth bat looks spectacular! And congrats on the Urias pull!

  2. Wow, that babe ruth bat and that urias auto are both really really cool, Congrats!! And the Kevin Smith.

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