2016 National – Day #3

My third and final day of the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention began at the Topps booth.  Topps moves people through fairly quickly and my wait time was well under an hour.  Out of the (5) promo packs my 2016 Bowman box got me, I pulled a Babe Ruth Gold Refractor #’ed/50.  When I first saw this promotion I was hoping to pull a Ruth.  From what I saw and heard, this specialized National Bowman Refractor Wrapper Redemption Program has been very successful.  Marty’s Sports Card Exchange was selling tons of 2016 Bowman and 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball boxes.  All of those qualified for the program.

Its best to eat lunch about an hour earlier than normal.  The food court can fill up fast around noon.  Once I finished browsing through my 2016 Bowman box I decided to eat.  Their personal pan pizza is quite good.

I decided to add a vintage bobblehead to my collection.  All of my bobbleheads are from the 2000’s and up, but I never owned an older one.  When it comes to vintage bobbleheads during the National, you want to visit this dude.  He has a few.  Within that large glass case I found some Phillies bobbleheads.  After a little negotiating, we reached a deal.  I’m bringing home a 1967 gold base Phillies bobblehead.  Its in great condition, and is the highlight of my collection.

I was able to score a free Upper Deck hat today.  While stopping in their booth to look at a Penn State autographed helmet, they saw me wearing my Topps hat.  Upper Deck wanted me to give up the Topps hat in return for the Upper Deck one.  That wasn’t going to happen.  Instead I gave the Upper Deck representative a Sports Card Info pin.  Lots of people got pins today, including Leaf’s CEO Brian Gray.

One of the last booths I stopped at was Jerzee Art.  The National isn’t always about cards, boxes, and promos.  Sometimes you’ll see innovators.  Jerzee Art is a new way to display your favorite jerseys without having to place them in a frame.  Framing can get expensive, and they plan to offer some unique alternatives.  Jerzee Art pieces look like statues you hang on the wall and place the jersey on.  They really do bring the jersey to life rather than having it lay flat in a frame.  Jerzee Art was created by Scott MacKenzie who had some prototypes on display.  He plans to have them for sale in the fall.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading home.  My sixth National was really fun.  Like I said before, once I’m home I’ll be posting what I pulled from the boxes I busted.  I might even post a picture of that vintage bobblehead I purchased.  Right now its heavily covered in bubble wrap.

Don’t forget to check out my coverage of Day #1 and Day #2 of the 2016 National.  Next year the National is in Chicago.  I won’t be attending.  Its going back to Cleveland in 2018 which I will be going to so far.

 photo IMG_3055_zpskeu6su43.jpg

 photo IMG_3054_zpshui9siho.jpg

 photo IMG_3056_zpso9zezz0f.jpg

 photo IMG_3057_zpsqkr4bo0u.jpg

 photo IMG_3069_zpsaipuuf2b.jpg

 photo IMG_3061_zpsfscksyyv.jpg

 photo IMG_3062_zpshea9108s.jpg

Babe Ruth Single Signed OAL Baseball

 photo IMG_3063_zpsxvnjse4l.jpg

Jack Nicklaus Signed 1986 Masters Tournament Worn Golf Cleats

 photo IMG_3064_zps4x9zoqx1.jpg

Fidel Castro Vintage Single-Signed Cuban Baseball

 photo IMG_3065_zpssi0vgif5.jpg

Wade Boggs waiting to sign autographs

 photo IMG_3066_zps0tnafy5l.jpg

 photo IMG_3067_zpszf7tfpzc.jpg

 photo IMG_3068_zpsh9abbwm0.jpg

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