2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16tscbbbox1_zpso8vorhyc.jpg

The phrase “less is more” describes 2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball perfectly.  This staple brand from the 90’s resurfaced a few years ago, and has been a fan favorite ever since.  In a hobby where collectors can be extremely focused on “hits”, its very refreshing to see people take their time to admire the player photography found within this modern Stadium Club set.

I don’t think there is another product out on the market that contains such a wide variety of awesome looking photos.  For some people the photo can make or break a card.  Its not uncommon for a collector to pay a premium for a card that contains a unique photo.  Stadium Club makes you pay attention to the base cards, which in my opinion is not something you see much of today.  The time and effort Topps put into these photos is above and beyond what some other card companies do.  Topps allows the photos to be the overall design.  That’s exactly how it should be with this brand.  A simple design will always be king.  Let the photos do the work.

There are a slew of photo variations, but they aren’t the easiest to spot.  Base cards already come with unique photos which makes finding the variations even more difficult.  Topps did not use a different code on the back of the photo variations, so you can’t simply flip through and find them.  You just need to check every base card to see if you pulled one.

As you can probably tell, my favorite element of this product are the photos.  That’s only one part.  The on-card autographs are very nice too.  If Stadium Club came with sticker autographs placed inside big white boxes this review would be quite different.  But Topps did it right.  The hard-signed cards combined with the photos creates a killer product.

Its always nice to pull a big “hit”, but you don’t need to do that in order to fully appreciate Stadium Club.  The photos featured on the base cards alone are nice enough.  I’d highly recommend giving a box a try considering they’re not that expensive.

Among all the base cards, parallels, inserts, and autographs, its really difficult to pick out my favorite card.  If I had to though, my favorite would be the Mike Trout base #280.  I like it because it has him standing next to his life size bobblehead.  Autographed versions of that card are really cool.  Its photos like that which make this product so great.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Byung-Ho Park RC Auto
  • Kyle Schwarber RC Auto

 photo hopark16tscauto_zps97eiudlz.jpg

 photo kyle16tscauto_zpszpbpznbf.jpg


  • Charlie Blackmon Black/White/Orange #117
  • Roberto Osuna Black #198
  • Max Kepler RC Black #127
  • J.D. Martinez Gold #263
  • Clayton Kershaw Gold #69
  • Yoenis Cespedes Gold #154
  • Shawn Tolleson Gold #138
  • Jose Peraza RC Gold #258

 photo black16tscbo_zpsc7pvt6n1.jpg

 photo max16tscb_zpsyv8lthrk.jpg

 photo jose16tscgold_zps9iuwopse.jpg


  • Cal Ripken 1993 Stadium Club Buyback #40
  • Robin Yount Legends Die-Cuts #1
  • Jacob deGrom Triumvirate Luminous #4A
  • Paul Goldschmidt Isometrics #17
  • Ian Kinsler Isometrics #6
  • Bryce Harper Isometrics #11
  • Josh Donaldson Contact Sheet #3
  • Nolan Arenado Contact Sheet #10
  • Kris Bryant Contact Sheet #6

 photo crjr16tscbb_zpsi3ekoaaj.jpg

 photo robin16tsc_zpspae5dnqg.jpg

 photo degrom16tsc_zpsxy2c8shz.jpg

 photo bh16tsc_zpszghjrwuj.jpg

 photo kris16tsc_zpsgl4hpcq2.jpg

Notable Rookies

  • Trevor Story RC #159

 photo story16tsc_zpsiyufhvi1.jpg

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