2016 Bowman Inception Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16bowincbbbox1_zps7tt4vh3x.jpg

Baseball cards in space!!!  If you remember the original Muppet Show there use to be a skit called Pigs In Space.  That skit is exactly what went through my mind when first laying eyes on this product.  The ending credits to the first Thor movie come to mind too.

No matter the sport, Inception has always looked really good.  The football version may have carried a little more weight because those cards were some of the first ones to feature rookies in their NFL uniforms and have on-card autographs.  Being able to do that for football as early in the season as Topps did was very impressive.  Its unfortunate that Topps can no longer make NFL cards.  Especially when Panini sits back and easily rips off the Inception design calling it Panini Origins.  That shows you right there who should be making football cards.  When it comes to baseball, most of the players found within Inception have already had cards in other products.  Even ones that contain hard-signed cards and pictures of them in their pro uniforms.  Its not quite as hard hitting as football, but it still offers some unique looking “hits”.

Anytime there is an artistic theme to a set, you’ve instantly got my attention.  Inception has always had an artsy vibe to it.  You can clearly see that on the cards I pulled out.  My favorite cards from this brand remain the Inceptionized Bowman cards.  These take a Bowman card, put a painted twist to it, and then they get the player to sign the card.  They’ve always come out well, and this year is no different.

Inside each box you’ll find (5) autographs.  Just like many products, its very hit or miss.  If you’re a prospect collector, Bowman Inception is perfect for you.  I may actually enjoy it more than the standard Bowman products.  Mainly because it has an artistic look, and doesn’t contain tons of base cards.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Ozzie Albies Auto/Jersey

 photo ozzie16bincautorelic_zpsv5drzkll.jpg


  • Hector Olivera RC Auto
  • Anthony Alford Prospect Blue Auto #’ed/99
  • Jordan Guerrero Prospect Auto
  • Connor Sadzeck Prospect Auto

 photo hec16bowincp_zpsgbrfimqo.jpg

 photo alf16bowinc_zpshqvy7bg6.jpg

 photo jordan16bincp_zpsyuyjy9i1.jpg

 photo sad16bincp_zps8mlt8woy.jpg

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