2016 Topps Strata Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppsstratabbbox_zpskamfwh7g.jpg

Adding a Strata Signature Patch card to your collection can be a major accomplishment.  They scream what the heart and soul of this product is about.  The regular Strata Signatures without the relics come in at a close second.  Topps continues to make these cards eye catching, and something that you’d want to look at.

One of the cooler elements of this brand is the ability to find out where and when that specific relic was worn.  Topps introduced this to collectors in Strata last year, and it really caught on.  Its not something you see done with every product, but Strata and The Mint have received this treatment.  Each relic comes with a hologram and serial number.  All you need to do is enter that serial number into this database.  From there, it will tell you which game that relic was worn in.  Very awesome!

The checklist seems to be what collectors complain about the most.  Not every team is represented.  I think there is only one Phillie in the whole set – Aaron Nola.  Compared to 2015, everything looks to have been cut back a bit.  One major addition are the Cut Signatures.  These look really neat, but given that they’re all numbered one-of-one only a handful of people will pull one.

On-card autographs, great design, and online MLB authentication is what this product has going for it.  Although not much has changed since 2015 Strata, Topps has a winning formula that creates some exciting looking cards.  If Topps brings this product back next year, I’d like to see a more expanded checklist.  These thick, acetate heavy gems continue to rank very high in collections.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Clayton Kershaw Clearly Authentic Auto/Relic Redemption

 photo ker16strat_zpsdvuuocn9.jpg


  • Anthony Rizzo Strata Auto

 photo rizzo16stratauto_zpsartsf3ym.jpg

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  1. Wow, you had a pretty insane box, nice. Congrats!

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