2016 Topps Chrome Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppschrombbbox_zpsjbslbdpb.jpg

It was the first day of the National when 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball came out.  Marty’s Sports Card Exchange was selling tons of these boxes.  I remember waiting in line at the Topps booth and the person in front of me busted an entire case in order to snag a bunch of promo packs.  Luckily, collectors breaking cases were moved to another part of the booth in order for people with individual boxes to get through faster.  With all of these league exclusives, baseball is the last sport to still get the Topps Chrome treatment.  That’s a shame, because Topps Chrome Football was a massive product fans looked forward to each year.  Whoever is in charge of licensing at the NFL should take into consideration which company collectors prefer to have their cards made by.  If they did that, Topps would be at the top of the list.  Instead they go with the company who can pay the most.  Just because someone can pay more for a license, doesn’t mean their products are always top notch.

The 2016 flagship baseball set came with a new look, which easily transferred over to chrome stock.  When designing a flagship brand, that is something Topps had to think about.  Chrome autographs and parallels are some of the biggest draws a product can have today.  Especially when most of the autographs are signed on-card.  This year’s base set parallels really catch my eye as the corners contain a splash of high-tech color.  Its refreshing to see that versus the standard full color border.

Compared to last year, the rookie class isn’t as near as strong.  There really isn’t anything you can do about that.  Its just the way it is.  One of the better rookie autographs you can pull is of Carlos Correa.  He actually was a rookie last year, but his Topps Chrome autographs didn’t make it back in time for pack insertion.  So Topps decided to throw them in the 2016 set.  They may not be as hot as if they had been released in 2015 Topps Chrome, but I still consider them to be a major “hit”.

Topps Chrome is one of those products where your autographs don’t have to be the big “hit”.  Low numbered parallels can easily demand much more attention.  If you have the extra money, go for a jumbo box.  For those collectors with a lot of extra coin, why not shoot for the Blue Sapphire 65th Anniversary set.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Carl Edwards Jr. RC Auto
  • Keyvius Sampson RC Blue Refractor Auto #’ed/150

 photo ce16tcauto_zpsvo0rflgs.jpg

 photo samp16tcbauto_zpsxu8bmcxe.jpg


  • Patrick Corbin Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Jacob deGrom Purple Refractor #’ed/275
  • J.D. Martinez Prism Refractor #4
  • Henry Owens Prism Refractor #133
  • Dellin Betances Prism Refractor #168
  • Clayton Kershaw Prism Refractor #145
  • Nelson Cruz Refractor #44
  • Aaron Blair RC Refractor #196
  • Curtis Granderson Refractor #31
  • Andrew Heaney Refractor #101
  • Dee Gordon Refractor #54
  • Andrew McCutchen Refractor #175
  • Evan Longoria Refractor #84
  • Trevor Story RC Refractor #45

 photo cor16tcg_zpsgiagpcqi.jpg

 photo degrom16tcp_zpsfsvaetob.jpg

 photo jd16tcprsm_zps7fdmsoft.jpg

 photo story16tcref_zpspkmdpump.jpg


  • Johnny Knoxville First Pitch #10
  • Trevor Story Youth Impact #10
  • Nomar Mazara Youth Impact #13
  • Maikel Franco Future Stars #15
  • Steven Matz Future Stars #12
  • Carlos Correa Future Stars #20
  • Miguel Sano Perspectives #17
  • Troy Tulowitzki Perspectives #6
  • Andrew McCutchen Perspectives #1
  • Yadier Molina Perspectives #11

 photo johnny16tcfp_zpscpiarqut.jpg

 photo maz16tcyi_zpsfhjnixhg.jpg

 photo ym16tcp_zpsd84ykyjf.jpg

 photo franco16tcfs_zpspiir2geu.jpg


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