2016 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box Break & Review

 photo 16bowmanchromebbbox_zpsdgoer6eb.jpg

Rookies and prospects are found throughout many Topps products each year.  The three biggies though are BowmanBowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft.  Being the middleman, Bowman Chrome may not always have the grandest checklist, but it should hold you over until Bowman Draft releases.  Given all the on-card chromified autographs, it makes for an entertaining rip.

There are two major differences between 2016 Bowman Chrome when compared to other years.  First off, the configuration has changed.  Instead of having a regular looking hobby box with (24) packs, Topps decided to switch to a mini-box format.  I couldn’t be more happy about this.  Base cards really aren’t my thing, and this format works better I think.  You’ll only find (12) packs within a full master hobby box.

Set collectors will run into the second change.  2016 Bowman Chrome is also available in a vending box format.  These boxes contain (80) cards and (3) autographs.  Unlike the hobby boxes which you can use to build the 100-card base set, the vending boxes are a little different.  The chrome cards found within the vending boxes are chrome versions of the regular Bowman set that came out earlier this year.  When looking at the checklist, you’ll notice the card numbers skip around.  This can get kinda confusing, and expensive for those collectors having to open two different box formats to finish their set.

If you enjoy the design of 2016 Bowman, you shouldn’t have a problem with it’s chrome counterpart.  Anytime a product has mostly on-card chrome autographs, collectors will flock to it.  I particularly like the way the Out Of The Gate inserts came out.  These picture a player busting through a stone wall.  They remind me of the Kool-Aid dude.

You may not recognize all the names you’re pulling out, but that’s the fun of it.  Collectors like to anticipate who might be the next superstar.  Chrome made this a standard train of thought when the first set was released in 1997.  I look forward to 2016 Bowman Draft, as it will have the first Phillies autographs of #1 overall pick Mickey Moniak.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Willie Calhoun Refractor Auto #’ed/499
  • Oscar De La Cruz Auto

 photo willie16bcrefauto_zpsz4bpxfm8.jpg

 photo delacruz16bcauto_zpsgrdfnugj.jpg


  • Albert Almora RC Gold Refractor #’ed/50
  • Michael Conforto RC Purple Refractor #’ed/250
  • Nelson Cruz Refractor #’ed/499
  • Magneuris Sierra Refractor #’ed/499

 photo albert16bowgold_zpsmuh2dsnt.jpg

 photo conf16bcpurp_zps42ktouqe.jpg

 photo mag16bcref_zps90bauqyu.jpg


  • Nomar Mazara Out Of The Gate #6
  • Adam Engel Arizona Fall League
  • Alex Blandino Arizona Fall League
  • Taylor Ward Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Updates
  • Jarlin Garcia Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Updates
  • Chris Ellis Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Updates
  • Trey Mancini Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Updates

 photo maz16bcootg_zps9j6ukxja.jpg

 photo adam16bcafl_zpshjsc284s.jpg

 photo trey16bcup_zpsyocpayls.jpg


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