2016 Topps APEX MLS Box Break & Review

 photo 16apexbox_zpstnv6fmbr.jpg

One of the most well received soccer products that Topps released last year was APEX.  It’s success can be attributed to three different factors – design, price, and configuration.  For 2016, Topps has built upon those factors and soccer fans seem to really enjoy it.  Plus, how can you go wrong with a box that has what looks like the kryptonite spear from Batman v. Superman on the front?

Just from a pure price point, 2016 APEX is very attractive.  A complete hobby box costs around $40.  That comes to $20 per mini box.  You don’t need to spend your life savings in order to bust a box.

Like last year, APEX looks like a cross between Valor and Fire.  Perhaps a little Inception can be seen in here as well.  One box should provide you with (2) autographs and (1) relic.  A big draw for those MLS collectors are the 2016 All-Star Autographs.  These are all signed on-card, which is something new when it comes to Topps MLS cards.  They are by far some of the best looking cards within this product.  Outside of those cards, everything else is signed on a sticker.  From a visual perspective my least favorite looking cards are the dual autographs.  The white boxes where the sticker autographs rest stand out quite a bit, especially if the background is dark.

Besides the autographs and relics, you’ve got a basic 100-card set to put together.  Actually there are (110) cards, but the last ten are short prints.  All printed with matte backgrounds and glossy player photos.  There are a couple of inserts to collect too.  I enjoy the way the Golazo inserts came out.  They’re packed with color.

Even if you’re not a huge soccer fan, you might want to give APEX a good hard look.  For $40 you can’t go wrong.  I think the biggest complaint people have is that there aren’t as many top tier players to pull.  That’s simply not true.  Given that APEX is priced at $40 per box, its going to be difficult to pull a big “hit”.  They’re in there.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Dominic Oduro Auto
  • Drew Moor Blue Parallel Auto #’ed/99

 photo dom16apexauto_zpsmnxx8jgc.jpg

 photo moor16apexauto_zpswugptlqa.jpg


  • Alvaro Saborio Crest Jumbo Patch Red Parallel #’ed/5

 photo al16apexpatch_zpsfkrczyhf.jpg


  • Dom Dwyer Blue Parallel #’ed/99
  • Tommy Thompson Green Parallel #’ed/50
  • Jonathan Osorio Global Influence Green Parallel #’ed/50

 photo dom16apexblue_zpsqpz0zpod.jpg

 photo tommy16apexgreen_zpsrehhyjuh.jpg

 photo os16apexgreen_zpsls0nkt5e.jpg


  • David Accam Global Influence
  • Cristian Techera Global Influence
  • Fabian Castillo Global Influence
  • Kellyn Acosta Global Influence
  • Robbie Keane Global Influence
  • Jonathan Osorio Global Influence
  • Dom Dwyer Golazo
  • Chris Pontius Golazo

 photo ac16apex_zpsgunhvdan.jpg

 photo dom16apexgol_zpseek6kugp.jpg


  • Fabian Herbers #38
  • Keegan Rosenberry #12

 photo fab16apexrc_zpsnbt8s4xa.jpg

 photo kee16apexrc_zpsdlv82sbn.jpg

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