TeenyMates WWE Series 1 Collector Tin Break & Review


The folks over at TeenyMates have seen great success with their packaged tin products.  Two years ago, they released their first tin that contained NFL wide receivers.  It was produced in small quantities, and the price shot through the roof.  Today that tin can still be found for about $50 sealed.  They’ve calmed down a bit.  At one time they were selling close to $100.

Licensing is key when it comes to these little guys.  TeenyMates tried their own line of figures called TeenyFreaks.  But I don’t think they got the response from collectors like they had hoped, because we never saw them again.

One of their newest fully licensed products deals with the WWE.  The WWE Series 1 tin comes with (4) packs of figures, display stand, and an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Macho Man figure.  Series 1 consists of (28) figures, plus (4) rare ones – Glow-in-the-Dark Undertaker (1:64 packs), Crystal Clear John Cena (1:128 packs), Alternate Macho Man (1:256 packs), and The Rock Metallic Gold (1:512 packs).  Judging by completed sales, the Alternate Macho Man figure seems to be the most popular.

Outside of their TeenyFreaks line, this is the only other set where each figure has to look different.  When it comes to MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL the teams change, but the figures are basically the same.  Down the line it would be cool to see some individualized TeenyMates figures for other sports.  That probably would involve the Players Association approval though.  Professional wrestlers also have very distinct facial features which can easily be incorporated into such a tiny figure.  Other athletes might be more difficult to bring to life in such a small form since their uniforms and faces look similar.

Here is what I pulled from my tin:

  • (1) Bray Wyatt
  • (1) Sting
  • (1) Ultimate Warrior
  • (1) Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • (1) Kane
  • (1) Dean Ambrose
  • (1) Seth Rollins
  • (1) Dolph Ziggler
  • (1) Macho Man Randy Savage Glow-in-the-Dark


One Response

  1. I’m only a very casual wrestling fan, but I thought about buying some because each figurine is instantly recognizable as an actual person. I think that’d be much harder to accomplish for baseball and especially football just due to the small size and helmets on the players.

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