2016 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppsheritagehighnumberbox_zpscvnn8ob1.jpg

Part #2 of the beast that is Heritage Baseball.  Its an update set.  If you had fun with the first round that came out earlier this year, Heritage High Number should be your cup of coco.  By some crazy chance this is the first you’ve heard of Heritage, feel free to start with the High Number set.  There aren’t any rules here.

Not much has changed between these two releases.  High Number acts like a good movie sequel.  Its not out to beat what the original did.  Instead it will build upon whats already there.  One of the biggest differences is with the rookie cards.  Regular Heritage made them as a combo card.  High Number switched them back to singles.  When it comes to rookies, I prefer them to be alone.  The combo rookies are a homage to the way rookie cards look in the 1967 Topps Baseball set.  Back then collectors really didn’t have a choice.  Nowadays collectors can choose from a ton of different products.  Unless all the rookies on the card end up being superstars, it probably won’t have that much demand.  The most notable combo rookie card made in recent years that comes to my mind would be the Albert Pujols/Ichiro 2001 Topps Traded & Rookies #T99.  Even that’s quite affordable.

Real One Autographs, high-end patches, and photo variations continue to be the major draw.  We can’t forget about the low numbered parallels too.  This is one of those products where what looks like a simple base card could easily end up being a pull of a lifetime.  Especially when it comes to those superfractors, gold refractors, and throwback uniform variations.  You’ve got to pay attention to everything that comes out of your box.  Luckily, Topps used different codes on the back of each card when it comes to the variations.  This makes them a lot easier to spot.  Basically, if the tiny code on the back ends in something other than 110, you’ve got something other than a base card.  It certainly doesn’t mean your holding a life altering pull, but its worth checking out.

At it’s core, Heritage and Heritage High Number are for set collectors.  It always will be.  I don’t see them switching it to a high-end brand anytime soon.  In an age where the focus is mainly on autographs and relics, its always refreshing to see collectors jump all over something else.  Between $50-$60, it offers lots to look for.  You’ll be flipping through your stack a few times.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Matt Carpenter Clubhouse Collection Jersey

 photo matt16thhhnccjsy_zpsfpjubylr.jpg


  • Jake McGee Flip Stock #605
  • Aaron Blair RC Chrome Refractor #’ed/567
  • Aroldis Chapman Chrome #’ed/999

 photo mcgee16thhflip_zpsjrnaxlu7.jpg

 photo ab16thhnref_zpsexzlyqya.jpg

 photo chap16thhnch_zpsyxadyuly.jpg

Photo Variation

  • Joey Rickard RC Action Image #566

 photo ricj16thhn_zps2he7o0bv.jpg

Short Prints

  • Jose Berrios RC #709
  • Hyun Soo Kim RC #721
  • Trevor Story RC #707
  • Jeff Samardzija #724
  • Domingo Santana #719
  • Tyler Naquin RC #714
  • Blake Snell RC #705
  • Aroldis Chapman #718

 photo story16thh_zps9jjryeyu.jpg


  • Terry Fox 1967 Topps #181 Box Loader
  • Aaron Nola Rookie Performers
  • Aledmys Diaz Rookie Performers
  • Corey Seager Rookie Performers
  • Jose Bautista/Josh Donaldson Combo Card #17
  • Jake Arrieta/David Ross Combo Card #20
  • Bryce Harper/Max Scherzer Combo Card #1
  • Willson Contreras Now & Then #12
  • David Ortiz Now & Then #5
  • Khris Davis Now & Than #15
  • Jeff Banister Award Winners #7
  • Salvador Perez Award Winners #9
  • Carlos Correa Award Winners #5

 photo fox67tbb_zpseaxpkhif.jpg

 photo nola16thrp_zps6wxiazgm.jpg

 photo 16thhncc_zpsf2wompkx.jpg

 photo willnt16thhn_zpsoayenbdq.jpg

 photo jeff16thhnaw_zpsx0ghmjpa.jpg

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  1. Tyler Naquin SP available?

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