2016 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 2016tttbbbox_zpsjk1b0j5l.jpg

Bash me all you want.  I’m not afraid to say that I enjoy opening a box of Triple Threads.  I have a special connection with this brand.  While attending my first National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, OH in 2007, I pulled a Roger Clemens/Dwight Gooden/Tom Seaver Triple Jersey Auto #’ed 1/1.  It came from a pack I bought at Dave & Adam’s Card World.  That certainly wasn’t a bad way to start my first NSCC.

Triple Threads is one of the longest running premium brands offered by Topps.  Others have come and gone, but Triple Threads remains an annual release.  You will find those collectors that either absolutely love it or those who can’t stand it.  Its really divided.  I’m thinking more people enjoy it because its been around for such a long time.  Someone obviously is buying it.  The biggest gripe I think certain people have is the sense of repetitiveness.  Overall, the basic design of the “hits” doesn’t change much.  It took a long time for the base cards to get a face lift, but it eventually happened.  The base cards for 2016 are actually some of my favorite.  That clear plastic coating on the front combined with the inverse colored triangle to distinguish between parallels was well thought out.

The classic signature style of most Triple Threads cards are the die-cut relic windows.  These can be another source of conflict between collectors.  Some like them, and others do not.  Many commemorate a significant moment, while others are just for plain fun.

From a price point, Triple Threads has never been for the average collector.  Not everyone can easily afford a $165 box.  Picking up singles is probably your best bet for those on a budget.  Like most high-end products, you’re taking a massive gamble.

If there is one brand that Topps were ever to consider doing an entire overhaul on, Triple Threads would probably be the most suggested.  I think it is long overdue, but the product is still an enjoyable rip.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Mark McGwire Triple Threads Auto Jersey/Bat/Laundry Tag Gold Parallel #’ed/9
  • DJ LeMahieu Unity Jumbo Jersey Auto Emerald Parallel #’ed/50

 photo mm16ttt_zpsbzgdwjz6.jpg

 photo dj16tttaj_zpscb5bs3ny.jpg


  • Madison Bumgarner/Buster Posey/Matt Cain Triple Threads Jersey Combos #’ed/36
  • Buster Posey Unity Jumbo Jersey Silver Parallel #’ed/27

 photo 16giantstttj_zpsaox0ryda.jpg

 photo posey16tttj_zpsqniw9dw2.jpg


  • A.J. Reed RC Onyx Parallel #’ed/50
  • Roberto Clemente Amber Parallel #’ed/150
  • Roberto Clemente Amethyst Parallel #’ed/340
  • Chris Archer Amethyst Parallel #’ed/340

 photo aj16tttonyx_zpsazks7q28.jpg

 photo clen16tttam_zps0oyjdidq.jpg

 photo arc16tttame_zpsiiikrj1j.jpg

 photo clent16tttam_zpsrzxz2tdn.jpg

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  1. Crazy hit on the Big Mack. Great looking card and product.

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