2016 Topps Baseball Update Series Box Break & Review

 photo 16toppsupdate_zpszb6wrkxe.jpg

This is it my friends.  One of the last big products to feature the 2016 Topps Baseball design.  Update Series gets lots of attention because it features veteran players in their new uniforms if they were traded during the season.  You’ll also find rookie cards of guys that made their debut later on like Phillies first baseman Tommy Joseph.  The design for the 2016 flagship set is one of my favorites.  For the most part, the traditional border on the base cards is gone.  At first I wasn’t sure how that would transfer over to the parallels, but Topps made it work well.  Topps seems to be going in the same direction for 2017.

Topps was able to do something I can’t remember any other card company doing.  That’s figuring out a way to combine baseball and Batman on the same card.  You’ll find these within the 500 Home Run Club Stamps set.  Each of the Albert Pujols cards contain a Batman stamp of some sort.  Pujols hit his 500th career home run in 2014, which is the same year Batman celebrated his 75th anniversary.  Other players in this set have stamps that pertain to the year they hit their 500th home run.  Stamps in cards are cool.  Its not the first time I’ve seen it done, but the Batman ones really stand out.

Update Series is for serious set collectors.  The base set is a little smaller compared to 2015, but (300) cards should keep you busy.  Photo variations are a major item to keep an eye out for.  Luckily these can easily be spotted just by checking the small code on the back.  Base cards end in 14, SP Rookie Photo Variations end in 35, SSP All-Star Photo Variations end in 58.  The All-Star ones really command some dollars on the secondary market.  You’ll also find them much more difficult to pull.

Parallels and inserts play a big part in Update Series.  I really like the Fire inserts.  Those cards have a lot going on.  I especially enjoy the Fire Autographs.  First Pitch are still fun, but I think its time we start to see some autographed versions.  Those would be really awesome!  Chrome versions of the First Pitch inserts seem to have more demand right now.

Overall, 2016 Topps Update Series brings it on home for the year.  Its not the type of product you buy hoping for that life-altering pull.  Can it happen?  Absolutely.  But it certainly isn’t easy to do.  If you’re a set collector, but want those additional “hits”, I’d shoot for the jumbo box.  They’re double in cost compared to a hobby box, but you get more stuff.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Francisco Lindor 2016 All-Star Stitches Workout Jersey

 photo lindor16tusjerseyas_zpsbop2cplf.jpg

SP Rookie Photo Variation

  • Mike Clevinger RC #US69

 photo mike16tussp_zpsexib0f4b.jpg


  • Johnny Cueto Pink Parallel #US252 #’ed/50
  • Yankees Keystoners Gold Parallel #US221 #’ed/2016
  • Monsters Of Motown Gold Parallel #US217 #’ed/2016
  • Corey Seager Rookie Debut Gold Parallel #US279 #’ed/2016
  • Nomar Mazara Rookie Debut Gold Parallel #US295 #’ed/2016
  • Ezequiel Carrera Gold Parallel #US179 #’ed/2016
  • Wil Myers Gold Parallel #US52 #’ed/2016
  • Kenta Maeda Rookie Debut #US285 Rainbow Foil
  • Manny Machado #US1 Rainbow Foil
  • Monsters Of Motown #US217 Rainbow Foil

 photo johnny16tuspink_zpswmyenrrb.jpg

 photo cs16tusgold_zpsqgwgo9kb.jpg

 photo kenta16tusfoil_zpsm3ifnap7.jpg


  • Carlos Correa Fire #5
  • Miguel Sano Fire #12
  • Kris Bryant Fire #9
  • Josh Donaldson Fire #14
  • Clayton Kershaw Fire #7
  • Paul Goldschmidt Team Franklin #5
  • Miguel Sano Team Franklin #18
  • Dustin Pedroia Team Franklin #12
  • Starling Marte Team Franklin #14
  • Josh Reddick Team Franklin #19
  • Warren G First Pitch #3
  • Chance The Rapper First Pitch #7
  • Burke Waldron First Pitch #8
  • Jojo Fletcher First Pitch #10
  • Keith Urban First Pitch #5
  • Craig Sager First Pitch #9
  • Ichiro Chasing 3K #32
  • Ichiro Chasing 3K #43
  • Ichiro Chasing 3K #55
  • Ichiro Chasing 3K #58
  • Al Kaline 3,000 Hits Club #20
  • Honus Wagner 3,000 Hits Club #5
  • Rickey Henderson 3,000 Hits Club #15
  • Roberto Clemente 3,000 Hits Club #19
  • Tony Gwynn 3,000 Hits Club #12
  • Willie Mays 3,000 Hits Club #7

 photo kb16tusfire_zpswtp4dxpn.jpg

 photo marte16tusfrank_zpsaht3sbvu.jpg

 photo sager16tusfp_zpsbtmwuzor.jpg

 photo ichiro16tus3k_zps0ls59srf.jpg

 photo rob3k16tus_zps3yv4mgr4.jpg

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