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2017 Topps Baseball Series 1 Box Break & Review

 photo 17toppsbbs1box1_zpsv0cpvwu3.jpg

And so it begins.

Teams are packing up the trucks.  Spring Training is upon us.  I’ve got a good feeling about my Phillies this year.  Lets hope when they head for Clearwater, FL they don’t leave the Phanatic behind.  Its going to be fun following Mickey Moniak’s progress down in the minors.  I also look forward to watching Tommy Joseph take over at first base.  Plus, John Kruk is joining the broadcast team.

The first baseball product of 2017 contains (350) total base cards.  When it comes to their flagship brand, Topps seems to keep moving away from that traditional border design.  The setup this year reminds me of graphics you would see in front of the player while watching T.V.  Topps has done the whole border-look for years, so this new design is refreshing.  Some of the most popular parallels you’ll find include:

  • Purple (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
  • Rainbow Foil
  • Negative
  • Gold #’ed/2017
  • Vintage Stock #’ed/99
  • Black #’ed/66
  • Mother’s Day Hot Pink #’ed/50
  • Father’s Day Powder Blue #’ed/50
  • Memorial Day Camo #’ed/25
  • Clear #’ed/10
  • Platinum #’ed/1
  • Printing Plate #’ed/1

Topps scaled back on the amount of parallels and photo variations that come per box this year.  There are no SP photo variations, just SSPs to watch for.  I’m glad to see this scale back, because one photo variation per box was getting to be too much.  The plain SPs barely held much more demand than a simple base card.  Just having the SSPs was the correct way to go for 2017.  They’re difficult to pull, but very rewarding when you find one.  Luckily Topps changed that little code on the back of the cards when it comes to base and SSP photo variations.  Base cards end in 1730, while the SSPs end in 1786.  Knowing this makes them a lot easier to spot.

Inserts are more than plentiful.  My favorites include ’87 Topps, Then & Now, and 5 Tool.  Many (not all) of them come with their share of parallels and autographs.  2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the classic 1987 Topps Baseball set.  Its nice to see that classic wood grain design again.  I like Then & Now because its always cool to see older cards pictured on newer ones.  5 Tool brought back artist Tyson Beck to put his fire-style to things.  One of these years I’d like to see Topps make relics and/or autographs of the First Pitch celebrities.

All year long we will be seeing Rediscover Topps buyback cards throughout various products.  Rediscover Topps foil rarities include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Red.  Bronze is the most common while red is harder to come by.  Topps listened to collectors and didn’t print any foil on the older buybacks.

Topps NOW was a major success last year.  The 2017 set is already underway.  Ultimate Card Giveaway codes can land you a free Topps NOW card.  If you’re really lucky you might score a complete 2017 Topps NOW set.  I pulled one of these from my box, but the code didn’t unveil anything.  No free Topps NOW card for me.

Keep your eyes open for Topps NOW Golden Tickets.  These come with a specific date on them.  Redeeming this will get you every Topps NOW card made for that day.  Each card will come with a special gold stamp.

Even after you’ve pulled that one autograph or relic, its still exciting to open the rest of the packs.  Its so packed with goodies, you never know what you might find.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Robinson Cano Major League Material Jersey

 photo cano17toppsjersey_zpsteanu2of.jpg


  • Kris Bryant #1 Cyan Printing Plate #’ed 1/1
  • Mookie Betts #161 Gold #’ed/2017
  • Fernando Rodney #292 Gold #’ed/2017
  • Keone Kela #22 Gold #’ed/2017
  • Adonis Garcia #129 Rainbow Foil
  • Raisel Iglesias #185 Rainbow Foil
  • Colin Rea #114 Rainbow Foil

 photo kris17toppspp_zpssjr9kkz0.jpg

 photo kris17toppspp1_zpscp69ofg9.jpg

 photo bett17gold_zpswtmw8zfi.jpg

 photo rais17foil_zps5v8iwihk.jpg


  • Greg Amsinger MLB Network #3
  • Chris Davis 2016 Rediscover Topps Buyback Gold Foil
  • Mel Hall 1987 Rediscover Topps Buyback Silver Foil
  • John Smiley 1988 Rediscover Topps Buyback Silver Foil
  • Al Nipper 1988 Rediscover Topps Buyback Bronze Foil
  • Ray Burris 1985 Rediscover Topps Buyback Bronze Foil
  • Ramon Martinez 1990 Rediscover Topps Buyback Bronze Foil
  • Roberto Clemente Rediscover Topps Promo
  • Nolan Ryan Rediscover Topps Promo
  • Jackie Robinson Rediscover Topps Promo
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. Rediscover Topps Promo
  • Don Mattingly Rediscover Topps Promo
  • David Price Then & Now #14
  • Carlos Correa Then & Now #18
  • Corey Seager Then & Now #19
  • Buster Posey Then & Now #7
  • Mase First Pitch #23
  • Keegan-Michael Key First Pitch #7
  • Stephen Colbert First Pitch #22
  • Brett Eldredge First Pitch #14
  • Deshauna Barber First Pitch #5
  • Ian Kinsler 5 Tool #27
  • Addison Russell 5 Tool #24
  • Eric Hosmer 5 Tool #9
  • Yoan Moncada 5 Tool #43
  • Matt Kemp 5 Tool #32
  • Addison Russell ’87 Topps #92
  • Frank Thomas ’87 Topps #21
  • Troy Tulowitzki ’87 Topps #41
  • Johnny Cueto ’87 Topps #95
  • Cal Ripken Jr. ’87 Topps #48
  • Aaron Judge ’87 Topps #58
  • Yoenis Cespedes ’87 Topps #24
  • Sonny Gray ’87 Topps #87
  • Hank Aaron ’87 Topps #56
  • Dansby Swanson Salute #75
  • Jose Peraza Salute #42
  • Hank Aaron Salute #98
  • Barry Larkin Salute #100
  • Kenta Maeda Salute #65
  • Yoenis Cespedes Salute #48
  • Giancarlo Stanton Salute #70
  • Corey Seager Salute #81
  • Carlos Correa Salute #84

 photo gregmlbnet17_zpsr9imbhef.jpg

 photo davis17bb_zpsdqxvyedb.jpg

 photo smil17bb_zpsmeoiy60r.jpg

 photo ray17toppbb_zpszwniiexv.jpg

 photo griffey17promo_zpstllpzv6a.jpg

 photo bptn17topps_zpszpmuhimu.jpg

 photo colbert17fp_zpsj9hhipcm.jpg

 photo yoan5tool_zpsazdqdq0e.jpg

 photo cal1787topps_zpsvwkcehjd.jpg

 photo hank17sal_zpsul5uzgqs.jpg

3 Responses

  1. Dude, you pulled a 1/1 Kris Bryant plate?!?! That’s awesome, nice box.
    Love the design on those 1987 cards and the rediscover topps cards, really cool

  2. Amazing hit with that Bryant, congrats and thanks for the review!

  3. […] good string of luck lately when it comes to Topps products.  Between 2016 Bowman’s Best, 2017 Topps Series 1, and 2017 Topps Finest I’ve pulled some amazing cards.  Oh!  I can’t forget […]

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